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Tommy Dreamer Reveals Plans For Nixed 2002 Feud With Triple H, Wanted To Turn Heel On Tessa Blanchard In IMPACT

Tommy Dreamer wanted to play The Game, but we got Shawn Michaels’ infamous brown tights instead.

Dreamer was on IMPACT Wrestling’s recent Press Pass media call and talked about getting a World Championship match against Rich Swann for his 50th birthday. During the call, WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard brought up a story Dreamer had recently told on his own House Of Hardcore podcast, in which D’Lo Brown would have been revealed as Trey Miguel’s father.

D’Lo recalled being in on the story, and both were asked if there were any more stories in their respective careers that were axed for one reason or another. Dreamer pointed to two that stood out in his career, the first of which would have been with Triple H in WWE. Dreamer explained that behind-the-scenes politics got in the way of what would have been a dream feud for him against “The Game.”

“For me, there were two that would have been great. I was supposed to have a two-to-three program with Triple H and main event with him for the title. Never happened. Behind the scenes B.S. That would have been great for my career, plus to be honest,” Dreamer added, “Triple H is one of my last ever dream matches because I still do think he is one of the best heels of all time.”

“I was a pretty good babyface, but I always thought of like ‘babyface Tommy Dreamer from ECW’ versus ‘heel Triple H’ or then when I was there and we were doing the ECW stuff or even when I had my own company, House of Hardcore, and he had NXT and he kept on signing talents that I was using,” Dreamer explained, “I always thought there was something to that. So for me, plus the financial gains of those matches would have been phenomenal, but hey, it didn’t happen and they brought Shawn Michaels back with that horrible haircut and those horrible brown tights to replace me.”

Dreamer didn’t get the feud he was promised, but another ECW Original did square off with Triple H during that time, as Bubba Ray Dudley ended up working a brief feud with him in September of that year. Bubba’s feud culminated with a World Heavyweight Championship match against HHH on the September 30 episode of RAW, and reunited with D-Von and Spike Dudley shortly after that.

The Michaels match (and yes, those horrible brown tights) that Dreamer referenced took place at Survivor Series 2002, and it served as HBK’s first “official” match in WWE in more than four years. (His return bout was actually an “unsanctioned” match at SummerSlam 2002). Michaels explained the reason for the rushed attire at Survivor Series in his first book, claiming his regular gear wasn’t ready due to not knowing how long his return would last, but it does make one think what a proper Dreamer vs. Triple H feud would have been like instead.

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The other feud Dreamer brought up would have taken place in IMPACT Wrestling last year, and he explained that he wanted to do a “teacher vs. student” old school feud with then-champion Tessa Blanchard. As he explained it, Dreamer would have turned heel on Tessa and won the title, and in turn, could have been a transitional champion to get the belt on someone else.

“And in IMPACT Wrestling, as you know I had a great relationship with Tessa Blanchard. I was her ‘mentor’ and I wanted to do—and this is for old wrestling fans, Mr. Wrestling II vs. Magnum TA—I wanted to actually turn heel on her, and beat her for the title and then transition it to somebody else, but I wanted to turn on her and just be total, total heel and it didn’t happen,” Dreamer explained, “But I think it would have been pretty damn good if it did because you would have had people hating on me and my biggest heat was ‘you turned on a woman who trusted you.’ I thought it would have been pretty damn good, but didn’t happen.”

D’Lo Brown went on to explain that he was pretty lucky in not having too many storyline plans change, but noted that the one that stood out would have seen him win the WWE Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania XV.

“Well, luckily there’s not been too many storylines that were laid out that didn’t happen. The only one that I can really think of was WrestleMania in Philadelphia where I teamed up with Test to take on Owen [Hart] and Jeff Jarrett for the tag titles. That was supposed to be Mark Henry and I,” Brown said, “but Mark hurt his knee about three weeks earlier and he required surgery. [As it was planned] we were supposed to win the tag titles at Mania, so that’s probably the biggest one regret I ever have, was going from winning the tag titles at Mania to being in a tag team with Test and just getting beat.”

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