Davey Boy Smith
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Davey Boy Smith Jr. Confirms Talks With WWE, Is Interested In NXT Run

Davey Boy Smith Jr. left MLW late last year, and now it looks as if the wrestling superstar could be making his way to one of the biggest companies in all of wrestling. 

Speaking in a new interview with Metro, Smith said that he has seen a lot of interest in where he’ll sign next, including from WWE. “There’s been quite a bit of interest and a little bit of back and forth talk with myself and the company,” he said. “I think that the plan – or what they were hoping – was for me to come to NXT UK. But unfortunately right now because of Covid, those doors are kind of locked, we’ll see.”

Smith went on to explain that the interest from WWE includes him potentially going to NXT, and since he lives in Tampa, Florida, that would be a nice thing for him. According to him, though, he’s still figuring things out. “There has been interest in me going to NXT down here in Orlando. I live down here in Tampa, Florida, so I’ve just been feeling things out, trying to get a lay of the land, so to speak. ‘We’re discussing and talking. I can’t exactly say anything for sure, but there’ve been talks.”

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