Hulk Hogan
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Eric Bischoff On If He Had Any WCW Dealings With Marvel Over Hulk Hogan’s Name

Marvel Comics certainly had name cache back in the mid-90’s, but it was nowhere near the size the entity is currently at with Disney backing it, but fortunate for Eric Bischoff, this giant was an easy one for Hulk Hogan to slam.

“The Uncanny” Conrad Thompson spoke with “The Amazing” Eric Bischoff in a recent rendition of “Ask Eric” courtesy of AdFreeShows and the former WCW President was asked if he had to fight through any tangled webs from a legal perspective with Marvel.

“No because Hulk Hogan owns the trademark ‘Hulk Hogan’ not Marvel,” Bischoff told Connie. “Hulk Hogan and his attorneys and Marvel reached an agreement prior to Hulk coming to WCW that gave Hulk Hogan the rights to use ‘Hulk’ as long as it was Hulk Hogan in a wrestling-related environment so I didn’t have to pay Marvel anything. That was something Hulk and Marvel had come to an agreement with prior to Hulk coming to WCW.”

Excelsior! Bischoff recently recorded an episode of “Eric Fires Back” which is exclusive to members of AdFreeShows as Eric responds to past criticisms from familiar faces, but you can check out the aforementioned Hogan quote below, True Believers.

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