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Dominic Garrini: ‘Filthy Island’ Is The Best Episode Of MLW Fusion Ever And The Von Erichs Are Not Invited

Despite some recent and unforeseen ‘financial restructuring’, Dominic Garrini believes that wrestling fans will witness the best episode of MLW Fusion of all time when they set sail for Filthy Island on Wednesday night.

According to reports on the MLW website, Team Filthy “barely dodged financial ruin and bankruptcy” as they made a great effort to celebrate Lawlor’s 2020 Opera Cup Championship in the appropriate fashion. Garrini, who is one half of Team Filthy’s Violence Is Forever with Kevin Ku, spoke with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo about making certain all is copacetic for the group as far as the green goes.

“Money is money. Tom took care of it. We are prepared here in Hawaii. We are ready for what’s going to be the best episode of MLW Fusion ever.”

The Canton Crippler is celebrating not by soaking in the island rays, nor enjoying the suspect product from their main and sole sponsor Fanene SPAM, (a Polynesian company under investigation for containments in their products, according to MLW league officials) but he will be on the fight card as he takes on the unknown Mauna Loa.

“Yeah, multiple-time Pan-Pacific Champion in amateur wrestling,” Garrini said. “Tom spared no expense and got me one of the best, and Mauna Loa is going to try and take the bounty that I put out.”

DeAngelo asked about the specific location of the event and mentioned it being “Von Erich territory,” but Garrini made the parameters crystal clear for anyone looking to “claw” their way into the picture this Wednesday.

“They are not allowed. There is a very common rule on Filthy Island of ‘No Von Erichs’, so they will not be allowed to be there. But we are in a remote island off the coast of Hawaii as well.”

Garrini did make note of one major aspect of the squared circle that fighters on Filthy Island will have to do without, and said all matches will be contested without ropes on the ring. Garrini won’t be the only member of Team Filthy mixing it up, as Kevin Ku will also be fighting on a show that Garrini doubled-down to call the best episode of MLW Fusion ever.

“Of course we got our tag team partner, my best friend and my brother Kevin Ku, he’ll be in action so we got a lot going on. We’re very excited about Filthy Island and we really do think that it’s probably gonna be, like I said, the best episode of MLW Fusion not just this year, but ever.”

So much more from this interview in which Garrini grabs hold of the synergy between Team Filthy, changing up his look and the two Doms discuss the comedy classic Saving Silverman (“caw caw!”).

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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