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Kyle O’Reilly Comments On Stretcher Incident After NXT, Says He ‘May Need Some Time To Heal’

kyle o'reilly
Photo Credit: WWE

Kyle O’Reilly says Adam Cole’s betrayal hurts a lot worse than any physical punishment ever could.

O’Reilly posted the following remarks after Cole attacked him on NXT on Wednesday. O’Reilly was also taken out on a stretcher after the show had concluded.

Thanks everyone for checking in, your love and support truly means the World. I was placed on a stretcher last night out of concern for my neck after receiving a brainbuster on the steps. Thankfully I can move around somewhat OK today but I may need some time to heal.

As much as that hurt and sucked last night, the betrayal was worse. Coming back from this stronger and with a thirst for revenge. Best served cold.

This week’s episode of NXT closed with Adam Cole once again attacking O’Reilly, kicking him in the face and dropping him with a brainbuster on the steel steps. After the show wrapped, an angle was shot for WWE digital where O’Reilly was taken out of the arena on a stretcher. This led to some confusion by fans in attendance who thought O’Reilly had suffered a legitimate seizure, but it was all part of the storyline and was never framed like O’Reilly was having a medical episode.

According to Ryan Satin of FOX Sports, O’Reilly did not suffer a real seizure (as it was rumored online) and there was no intent to make it look like that’s what happened. He clarified that story only spread due to some fans in attendance believing that was the case, and Kyle O’Reilly is fine. The photos that were shared online showed O’Reilly on a stretcher and Triple H next to him checking on his status, but it was part of the storyline to sell the attack by Adam Cole.

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