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Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Bo Dallas Reportedly Preparing For ‘Life After Wrestling’

Bo Dallas is reportedly still under contract with WWE, but instead of enjoying the luxuries of catering he’s living the Green Acres life with proprietor plans for the future.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Dallas still is signed and getting paid by WWE, but the remaining half of The B Team isn’t even brought in for television. Meltzer reports that Dallas has actually began a family real estate business and is in the process of diving into that venture to prepare for life after wrestling. He and current WWE star Liv Morgan are living together on a farm.

Dallas hasn’t wrestled or been seen on WWE television since November 2019. His former partner in crime in Curtis Axel was released during the major April cuts of 2020 and also has remained off the pro wrestling radar.

Dallas, real name Taylor Rotunda, is a former NXT World Champion and since then, there was always speculation that Dallas would have played a much larger role on the main roster in comparison to where he was ultimately positioned. A great deal of that speculation swarmed around Bo (at some point) either aligning or feuding with his fiendish brother, Bray Wyatt.

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