Bailey Matthews (Son Of William Regal) Wants To Fight To The Top Of NXT UK

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Bailey Matthews, the son of William Regal, made his debut on NXT UK tonight.

Competing in a losing effort against Tyler Bate, Mathews was able to put up a fight despite coming up short in the end. Speaking in a promo after the match, Matthews spoke about wanting to fight his way to the top so he can come back and defeat Tyler Bate one day.

“I feel good that I was able to hang in there with him. I wanted to win but at the end of the day, it’s Tyler Bate. I am up against the first NXT UK Champion. As much as I tried my hardest, that just wasn’t enough. I’m going to have to keep putting in all the work and all the effort to get there. The only way to beat him, I think, is to keep moving up, make my way back here and finally win against him.”

Thus far, Matthews has not been recognized on camera as the son of William Regal.

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