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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Chad Gable & Otis Explain They Do Everything ‘For The Academy’

Otis and Chad Gable have been taking the WWE Universe by storm, and as the Academy continues to dominate, the duo isn’t too scared of anything that may stand in their path.

In a backstage interview with WWE following their appearance at last night’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Chad Gable was asked why he requested footage of Otis’ brutal beat down of Rey Mysterio. Gable was quick to explain that the Academy just needs that type of footage to study the film and review it. When Otis was asked about the shift in momentum after he was tagged in, Gable was quick to interrupt once again, saying that the win was a huge first step for the group as they crushed legends. He closed out the interview by calling the win a huge one for both the Alphas and the Academy.

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