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Ric Flair Admits He Was Caught Off Guard By Lacey Evans Storyline

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair appeared on Busted Open Radio last week to talk about a variety of topics including his current storyline with Lacey Evans and daughter Charlotte Flair.

Speaking about the current program he is in, Ric admitted that it caught him off guard. He said, “It caught us off guard. It was presented to me. I think it was just a trial run and nobody really understood for sure exactly what was going to go. I would be remiss if I thought Charlotte was crazy about it. For me, I pretty much can pull off anything I want. I’m really good at doing things if I like the program and understand it, but, at the same time, it’s hard to be in a program against someone in your family, especially your daughter when everybody knows you’re so proud of her and you’ve been so positive towards her in you’re thinking and you’re so happy for her success.”

Ric was grateful for the opportunity to be on TV in a program doing something. He said, “I’m flattered they gave me the opportunity to even be on TV. Number two, it started out a little rough and I think it was smoothing out. She (Lacey Evans) got pregnant. She’s a beautiful girl. I don’t know her that well, but what I know of her, she’s just a genuinely nice person. I’ve met her husband. I’ve met her daughter who they had on TV a little bit over on SmackDown, but, it happened and I’m sure we were just at the point we were really going to make it work.”

Unfortunately, Ric knows that WWE isn’t going to let him get physical in the ring despite him being cleared to do so by numerous doctors. Flair said, “My problem was, they won’t let me get in the ring because it’s so hard to get me cleared because of my health issues, even though I have been cleared by my doctors. I just don’t think they’re prepared to let me get in the ring in case something happened. I could have 40 releases, but, it would be that, why the hell are you doing that? Why the hell are you letting him do that? I actually wanted to put sweat clothes on and work out with her, which I thought would have been great and teach her some things and actually have her emulate my character, doing the flips, suplex, turn around, begging off. I had it all written down, but they wouldn’t let me get in the ring.”

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