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Cody Rhodes Puts Shaq Through Two Tables, Jade Cargill Wins Her Debut

Tonight’s episode of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite opened with a huge mixed tag match between NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and Jade Cargill against Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet.

Shaq started the match off against Rhodes, who tried to slap the former center but failed to do any damage. Every shot that O’Neal landed took Rhodes off his feet and the power advantage was made apparent. Luckily for Cody, Jade Cargill tagged herself in as she wanted a piece of the action.

Cargill’s pro wrestling debut didn’t start off great, though, as Velvet dodged her choreographed punches. The fitness model turned wrestler was able to show off her impressive athleticism as she threw Velvet across the ring and then did a series of push-ups afterward. After hitting a fallaway slam, Cargill pie-faced Rhodes, who took a cheap shot at Shaq.

A pissed off Shaq would then get into it with the wrestlers outside the ring as he tossed Austin Gunn. The chaos kept up as Red Velvet landed a huge flip off the top rope to the outside on Cargill. Shortly afterward, Cargill setup a table outside the ring. Velvet would then bang Cargill’s head off it and then setup a second table.

Cody would then be tagged in, which meant Round 2 for O’Neal. After posing, Shaq feigned a test of strength against the smaller man and was kicked in the gut as a result. O’Neal would then land a huge powerbomb, but was punched by his grounded opponent. Rhodes would slam Shaq for a two-count before the ladies were tagged back in. While they fought in the ring, Rhodes would dive over the top rope and both men crashed through two tables.

Making use of the distraction, Velvet hit a spear on Cargill for a near fall. However, Cargill managed to hit a Glam Slam on Velvet to make sure that herself and Shaq won.

After the match, O’Neal was placed in an ambulance and then disappeared.

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