rey mysterio
Photo Credit: WWE

Rey Mysterio Warns Chad Gable & Otis: A Hurricane Is Coming

After watching his son take down Chad Gable last night, Rey Mysterio appeared on WWE’s Talking Smack to discuss the win. On the show, Mysterio delivered a strong warning to his rivals, promising them that a “hurricane” would be coming.

Mysterio – who was joined with his son, Dominik – was asked about why he thinks Gable and Otis are gunning for them, but Paul Heyman interrupted things to let Mysterio speak. When he got his chance to speak, Mysterio said that he was working really hard to teach his son how to become a man. However, with Gable puppeteering Otis, and even though they may have gotten the better of him the last two weeks, he’s still fueled up.

Going on to say that he’s been in the ring with some of the baddest men in wrestling history, Mysterio said he has always found a way to take them down. He went on to say that both Gable and Otis have no idea of the magnitude of the “hurricane” that’s coming their way.

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