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Opportunity Knocks: Jordynne Grace Looks To Strengthen Her Resume, Add Tag Team Gold At Sacrifice

Opportunity is knocking for Jordynne Grace.

“Thicc Mama Pump” spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of her Knockouts Tag Team Championship match at IMPACT Wrestling’s Sacrifice special on Saturday night. Grace will team with Jazz to face off with Fire N Flava, who are not only the current champions, but a team that is very much on the same page.

“I’m very excited. This is our opportunity to become the Knockouts Tag Team Champions and it’s my opportunity to do it with Jazz, so it’s really, really big for me. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Fire N Flava was one of the dark horse teams in the Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament, but have proven that they are formidable opponents. Jazz brings the experience while Jordynne adds power, but she says they’ll have to prepare for a match against a team that is much more in sync at this stage than they are.

“I think one of the main things about Tasha and Kiera is that they are so alike. They’re around the same age, they always seem to be on the exact same page and they obviously have been tagging longer than me and Jazz,” Grace explained, “so I think that their communication and their ability to be on the same page with one another is one thing that me and Jazz are going to be definitely be looking out for. Me and Jazz are different in a lot of ways. We haven’t been tagging as long, there’s a pretty big generational gap in both our ages and our wrestling styles so I think that’s one of the things we’ll be looking out for when it comes to this match.”

Grace has been tagging with Jazz, a former women’s champion with the NWA and WWE, since she made her debut with IMPACT Wrestling in November 2020. The pair entered the Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament together, with the story being that Jazz wanted to end her career on top with a title win. They defeated Killer Kelly and Renee Michelle in the first round of the tournament, but ultimately lost in the next round to Havok and Nevaeh. That loss led to a friendly challenge in the form of a singles match between the two at January’s Genesis special, but it was not a sign of a proper split. They’ve continued to make their way back up the tag team ranks, and Grace says it’s been a great experience to learn from Jazz and see how humble and hardworking she still is today.

“One of the things that stood out most about Jazz is how long she’s been wrestling and how she’s looked up to as a legend, but how down-to-Earth she still is. That’s one of the things I’ve taken away from her. She doesn’t have an ego at all and she’s been around longer than all of us, she’s done more than all of us,” Grace explained, “ it seems like the same person she was when she first started like mentality wise. She still wants to be one of the hardest workers in the room and she doesn’t just want to ride on her ‘legend’ status, I guess you could say. So I definitely say I’ve taken that away from her and I hope that when I’ve been wrestling as long as her that I can stay as down to Earth as she has.”

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WrestleZone also recently spoke with Grace’s partner Jazz, who said being paired with Jordynne is a great fit. Jazz explained that she’s wanted to wrestle as a tag team before but never got the chance until now, and she’s paired with one of the best wrestlers around and she had to take the opportunity when it was presented. Jazz also talked about how the switch to tag team wrestling is a different psychology and learning experience, but she was honored to share this experience with her partner.

When asked what other goals she has for the match at Sacrifice besides a title win, Jordynne says she hopes it solidifies her as a person that can work well and succeed in different genres.

“I do pretty good in singles, but I’d definitely like to be known as someone who works well with others, can collaborate with others, come up with something and be successful at it. So I definitely think that would be one of my goals going in, apart from winning,” Jordynne said.

“I’ve really just been working on my body and my strength. I have a home gym now so I’ve been trying to lift heavy every single day and try to live up to the ‘Thicc Momma Pump’ moniker. I feel like I want to be one of the, and if not the, strongest female wrestler that’s active right now. So that would be one of my main goals right now and if I think that I could do that and it can be legitimate,” she added, “that would set me apart from everybody else.”

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