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Rhett Titus: The Foundation Wants To Bring ROH Back To Its Golden Days And Highlight Wrestling, Not Stunts

Rhett Titus wants to set things right and put the ‘honor’ back in Ring Of Honor.

Titus recently spoke with WrestleZone and talked about how his goals align with those of The Foundation. Titus joined The Foundation last year and said that his motives and goals for the group are similar to the mission he’s always had in the company, which is to feature proper wrestling and bring ROH back to the golden days.

“To tell this story, I would have to go back to February 23, 2002, which is the date of ‘The Era of Honor Begins’, Ring Of Honor‘s first ever show. I was there live in person, as a fan, and you know, I had always wanted to be a professional wrestler growing up, but if it wasn’t for going to that show I’m not sure if I would ever have actually followed through with it. That show made me look at wrestling in a whole different light. There was a ‘Code Of Honor’, there was looking at wrestling as sport and it really changed a lot of my views on wrestling and a lot of my goals with wrestling as well. Fast forward years later, I joined the Ring Of Honor roster and over the years people had their own agendas and that sort of thing. And the ‘Code Of Honor’ was kind of lost amongst it, but it’s something that wasn’t lost amongst myself though.”

“If you look back at the history of Rhett Titus I was always trying to bring Ring Of Honor back to its roots. You go to when I joined SCUM, Ring Of Honor had gone a long way from its roots and we were trying to destroy it and rebuild it back in that image again. If you go to when I was in The Rebellion or The Cabinet where the ‘Code Of Honor’ was something that sometimes guys would do before the match or after the match,” Titus explained, “we would kneel and protest of the ‘Code Of Honor’ because people weren’t following it.”

“Fast forward to 2020 where we’re wrestling in a bubble and there’s no fans there and Ring Of Honor has decided to take it back to its roots with the amazing Pure Tournament that you might have seen on Ring Of Honor television and The Foundation is at the forefront of that. Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal and Tracy Williams are three guys that I have the utmost respect for, and it is something to—it’s one thing to have the respect from your peers, but when your peers are those guys, it is a very flattering thing as well. The Foundation is a group that wants to bring Ring Of Honor back to its golden days where you see wrestling, not these stunts or cinematic matches or any of this silly stuff that you see on TV these days. We want to see good old fashioned wrestling and we want to restore honor and put the ‘honor’ back in Ring Of Honor.”

Ring Of Honor’s next major event is the 19th Anniversary show on March 26. The Foundation recently lost the ROH Tag Team Championship to La Faccion Ingobernable’s Dragon Lee and Kenny King, but they will still be well-represented on the card in two major title matches by Jay Lethal and Tracy Williams.

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