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Mustafa Ali Gives Injury Update On Torn PCL

Despite suffering a torn PCL, Mustafa Ali has been wrestling in matches every so often, and performing well. In a recent interview with, Ali gave an update on his PCL, and spoke about the frustrating nature of injuries. 

“It’s very, very frustrating. So obviously, I’m a stud and I’m able to still go, but PCL’s no joke,” he said. “It’s limited what I’m capable of doing. But in the same aspect, it’s kind of opened up my eyes to like, “Oh, if I don’t do this then I can do this.” I’ve always had a really solid, technical, ground-based background, but I’ve never really highlighted it.”

Ali went on to say that the injury will at least allow him to utilize his skills that fans may not know he has, like submissions and other ground-based moves. “When most people think of Mustafa Ali, they think of the high flyer. Not even as a heel, I’m still kind of known as this athletic performer. I’m not really known as a submission specialist. I’m not really known as a striker. I’m not really know as a guy that could take to the ground. Knowing full well that I have these tools, I never really highlight them because I’ve got these tools. So this PCL injury has kind of reminded me of like, “Well, yeah, I can’t do that, but I’m still capable of all of this.”

Unfortunately, Ali’s many talents were unable to help him last night, when he lost to Matt Riddle on Monday Night RAW in a match for the WWE United States Championship. 

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