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Vickie Guerrero Comments On The Struggles Generational Wrestlers Face, Provides Update On Her Daughter Shaul’s Status


Vickie Guerrero recently spoke with Women’s Wrestling Talk about the differences between AEW & WWE, what her plans are for AEW, her new podcast, the experience of being a woman in the industry paving her own path and much more. In one exchange, Vickie shared the advice she gave her own daughter, Shaul, about the wrestling industry and talked about the struggles generational talent faces in the business.

“You know, what’s really frightening and clever about that conversation that she’ll have with me one day, you know, she already saw the sacrifice that it takes to be in the professional wrestling industry, because we were never home, you know, and he was never home and she was growing up. And then of course I got on the road as well. But I wanted her to be able to find the importance and the priority of being herself and not trying to be Eddie or not trying to be me but to be Shaul Guerrero. And it’s been a struggle, you know, I mean, I think it’s different generational wrestlers, you know, they try to find their own identity of not trying to be you know, mom or dad or uncle or you know, grandfather that they’re trying to find their own style. And that’s something today that she’s still trying to find within herself is to be Shaul.”

Vickie also shared an update on Shaul, who cancelled all of her upcoming appearances last month to focus on her mental health. She says Shaul stepped away and was struggling with her identity in the wrestling business, but Vickie stands by her daughter and applauds her for working on herself and speaking up about her mental health.

“You know… she announced that, you know, publicly in her Instagram that she wasn’t going to be involved. The first thing is that, you know, there is a mental health awareness where, you know, she, she found a lot of obstacles with promoters and different people expecting her to be Eddie in the ring. And it’s very hard, especially as a woman, to try and have your voice of what of how you want to be portrayed in a show or, or what, you know, how you want to relate to the fans. And with her, you know, finding that struggle and that frustration, it did add to her mental, it was her anxiety and stuff that she wasn’t taken seriously,” Vickie explained, “it was how she wanted to be portrayed with her as her own character. So with that, you know, she stepped away. And she’s just kind of regrouping again.”

“I am very proud of her because it takes a lot for a person to speak up and show their courage and to show that, hey, you know, this is, I’m having trouble with this, this is where I need to step back and kind of work on myself. And I’m, whether whatever job she does, I love her just as much and I’m proud of her. But you know, as far as you know, her trying to take care of herself. She also wants to be an instrument for other people to say, ‘Hey, you know, everyone has their mental struggles’ and ‘it’s okay to speak up and to say what you need to do.’ So, that’s where we stand right now. But you know, as far as if she wanted to, whatever she wants to pursue in her career,” Vickie said, “that’s something that I’ll stand by her side and hold her hand.”

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