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Britt Baker Is Making History Again, Says Nothing Can Prepare Fans For What Happens In The ‘Lights Out’ Match

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. is ready for her next ‘first’ in All Elite Wrestling, and fans won’t want to miss out on what she has in store for Thunder Rosa in the main event of Dynamite tonight.

Baker spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of the “St. Patrick’s Day Slam” edition of AEW Dynamite, where she’ll main event with Thunder Rosa in a Unsanctioned Lights Out match. Baker said that she’s nervous, but still ready to make history and added that it only makes sense to have her in the first-ever women’s main event in AEW history.

“I am the face of the women’s division, so there’s literally nobody else that could be in this main event and have it be what it needs to be except myself. I am a star, okay, I should be main eventing all the time,” Baker explained, “and I will main event all the time. This is sure the first women’s main event but it’s one of many. And all I’m gonna do is display why I am the face of the women’s division.”

Asked if this match will serve as a statement that AEW’s women can be a regular fixture in the main event spot, Baker said this will be the first of many. Pointing to the fact that there’s been so much invested in her feud with Thunder Rosa, Baker said this is the first opportunity to do a proper women’s main event match, but fans should have just had faith when she said it was coming sooner than later.

“I’ve been saying from day one that fans just need to be patient. If they would have just listened to me and not bitched and moaned and complained that the women don’t get enough time, or the women don’t get enough matches…” Baker exclaimed. “Everyone just needed to calm down and learn and grow with us because we’re a new company, we’re just starting. I mean, us women had—most of us had little to no TV experience. We’re literally learning on the fly on live TV. Just patience is all we needed and here we are, women’s main event on Dynamite.”

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In regards to the lack of patience demonstrated by fans and the negativity about “waiting” for AEW’s women’s division to come around, Baker quipped that she’s already a star and she’s just been waiting for a proper opponent to rise to her level. Taking another opportunity to deride her opponent, Baker said she’s not sure Thunder Rosa is actually a star, but she personally brings main event energy every time she’s on your television screens.

“I think at the end of the day, it comes down to—and maybe this is gonna sound too confident, but that’s okay because I am confident—I am a star and you need two stars to main event Dynamite. So unfortunately my dance partner is Thunder Rosa. Is she a star? Eh, I don’t know, but I can’t wrestle myself on Dynamite in the main event, okay, so we need people to rise to the challenge to be a suitable partner for myself and I mean, I could main event every Dynamite. I always bring main event energy when I come through the curtain.”

The Unsanctioned Lights Out match is advertised as an “anything goes” situation, and there’s been plenty of speculation in regards to the carnage these two competitors will unleash on each other. Baker said you can watch all the footage you want, but it won’t matter because nothing will prepare fans for what she has in store, closing by saying they will regret not witnessing it live.

“Nothing is going to prepare anybody for what they’re going to see tonight because it is lights out, it’s unsanctioned. I want this girl gone, I want her out of here. I’m sick of her tarnishing the AEW women’s division. Because at the end of the day, she’s YouTube riff-raff, so nothing is going to prepare anybody, you could watch all my matches. Watch my match with Nyla,” Baker noted, “sure I got eliminated from the tournament, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t care because tonight is main event Dynamite and I’m gonna show you why I’m the face of the women’s division.

“If you miss this match tonight, if you miss watching this match live tonight,” Baker said, “you will regret it for the rest of your life. If you’re a true wrestling fan, this is a monumental match, you have to watch it.”

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