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Whether It’s Snooki Or Bad Bunny, Matt Cardona Says Celebrities Create More WrestleMania Spots, Not Take Them Away

Matt Cardona
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Whether it’s Snooki or Bad Bunny, Matt Cardona believes having name celebrities involved in WWE’s WrestleMania matches only enhances, not inhibits, wrestlers.

On the latest episode of his new podcast, “MC! True Long Island Story,” Cardona talks to co-host (and noted wrestling lawyer) Mark Sterling about Snooki being a factor during WrestleMania season in 2011. He talks about how The Jersey Shore star lined up perfectly with the original iteration of the Zack Ryder persona, but no one on the RAW brand was taking advantage of it.

“When I was doing the ‘Long Island Douchebag’ stuff on ECW, the main writer, Ed Koskey, he got it. He understood, right? But then like it got lost in the shuffle when I went to RAW and nobody was doing anything with me and Jersey Shore’s now taking off, it’s like the hottest thing on TV and if you don’t understand ‘Long Island Douchebag’ then you gotta understand Jersey Shore so how come I’m not used at all? And especially when Snooki comes in? I was like, ‘You gotta put me with Snooki. This could be me thing!'”

Matt says he’s pitched to management some sort of involvement with Snooki, whether that was at a TV taping or WrestleMania. Either way, he was going to make the most of it on his groundbreaking YouTube series, “Long Island Iced Z”

I got the little, ‘Okay you can have a little backstage with her.’ Whatever, but I made it seem like it was the biggest deal in the world.”

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Therein led to his first appearance on RAW, which included that aforementioned backstage segment with Snooki.

“This is the first time I’m on RAW, right?” he said to Sterling, noting that he included the television clip on his show. “I’m literally filming my television,” he admits.

Regarding WrestleMania 27 and Snooki’s match, Sterling asks Matt about the fan and talent tendency to think that Snooki was taking someone’s spot on the card. Cardona disagrees with that ideal.

“If anything, she created three more spots by having that tag team match,” he mentions before bringing up the current celebrity of WrestleMania season, Bad Bunny.

“Like Bad Bunny right now, he’s not taking away a spot. He’s going to make whoever he wrestles at WrestleMania have a WrestleMania match,” Matt says, speaking to the rapper’s star power. “This guy was on SNL, he’s like the number one downloaded guy on Spotify. Like, he’s a big deal. If you’re complaining about that, where’s your head at? Watch WrestleMania 1, it’s celebrity city. It’s New York City. Celebrities everywhere.”

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