Rob Van Dam
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Rob Van Dam Explains What It Would Take For Him To Return To WWE

Rob Van Dam is working closely with WWE on a new documentary right now but is not officially tied with them as a superstar. As a recent guest on The Dropkick Podcast, RVD explained what would need to happen for him to make an in-ring return to WWE.

RVD said, “One thing that I know is that there’s no way that I would ever go back to the schedule that I was on. You know what I mean? Right now, the pandemic, it doesn’t look like anybody’s doing that schedule but I don’t expect that to last that much longer. Looks like my perspective is like the world is starting to open back up again and so I expect there to be some shows. In fact, I’m booked on a show coming up: Frontline Pro April 3rd in Wisconsin.”

He also admitted that money talks and for the right price he would most definitely be interested in making a return. He said, “But you know money talks, you know what I mean? Like if it was right then it’s worth it, but definitely I don’t have any interest in being, you know [full-time]. I don’t get excited about working with young kids, I don’t miss being in the ring, I don’t care. If it’s worth it, it’s worth it. It’s not that I don’t care, but It’s just you know I go with the flow and that’s how I make my decisions. I wouldn’t hold my breath to see me wrestle on TV again.”

Also speaking on the excitement of his new documentary, RVD said “People are gonna love it, I really enjoyed filming it. I might be done, I don’t know if I am right now, but they’re still interviewing other people to get to know you via second hand perspective. When people see it they’re gonna be amazed. They’re gonna be like, ‘Why the f*** isn’t RVD in the ring right now?’ It tells my story you know. I mean Katie’s in it a lot of course and they really showcase my story and what she is in my story.”

Check out the entire interview below. Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for providing transcriptions.

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