WWE Fastlane Results

WWE Fastlane Results (3/21/21)

wwe fastlaneWWE Fastlane Results

March 21, 2021

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Kickoff Show

United States Championship Match: Riddle (c) vs. Mustafa Ali w/Retribution 

Riddle takes Ali down. Riddle drives his knee into Ali’s gut. Riddle trips Ali and attempts a broton but Ali kicks Riddle while he’s in the air. Ali slams Riddle into the ring post. Riddle tries to fire up but Ali kicks Ali into the turnbuckle. Riddle and Ali trade strikes. Ali hits a roll through backstabber for a near fall. Ali tries a flying neck breaker but Riddle reverses it into a flying rare naked choke. Ali counters into a pin for a near fall. Riddle fires up and hits a powerbomb into the Final Flash.

Ali kicks out. Riddle tries the Floating Bro but Ali gets his knees up. Ali’s knee is hurt. Ali struggles to get to his feet. Ali tries a flying DDT. Riddle catches Ali and hits a fisherman’s buster. Ali kicks out and traps Riddle in the Koji Clutch. Riddle Slams Ali to break the hold. Riddle goes up top. Ali trips Riddle to crotch him on the top. Before Ali can take advantage, Riddle picks Ali up and locks in a choke. Riddle flips Ali up to the top rope and hits Broderek off the top for the win.

Winner and STILL United States Champion, Riddle!

After the match, Ali yells at Retribution. Reckoning walks away after Ali yells in her face. Slapjack follows Reckoning. Ali yells at Mace and T-Bar. They respond by choke slamming Ali out of his boots.

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