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Apollo Crews Reflects On His New Persona, WWE’s The Bump Previews Fastlane

Apollo Crews Reflects On His New Persona

Hours before WWE Fastlane, Apollo Crews appeared on a special episode of WWE’s The Bump to discuss his feud with Big E. He also reflected on the new attitude he has showcased in recent weeks.

Crews explained that his old self was weak, so he had to change. He also stated that he once cared about fitting in, but that’s no longer the case.

“It was hard for me to embrace my roots,” said Crews. “I was made fun of at school for being Nigerian, so I wanted to fit in. That’s the only thing I wanted to, was be like everybody else.

“I just wanted to be like everybody else, so nobody accepted me for who I was.”

WWE’s The Bump Previews Fastlane

In addition to Apollo Crews, Sheamus and Paul Heyman also appeared on WWE’s The Bump to preview Fastlane. The full show is available below.

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