The Fiend Crawls Out Of Fire, Helps Alexa Bliss Defeat Randy Orton at WWE Fastlane

Alexa Bliss dared Randy Orton to take her out at WWE Fastlane, and “The Viper” hoped to. But Orton started vomiting black goo during his entrance.

Still, Orton grabbed a towel and wiped his mouth. Bliss came to the ring and smiled at her opponent. She then turned the lights pink, and a blast of fire erupted in the middle of the ring.

Bliss then caused a lighting fixture to fall from the ceiling and crash at Orton’s feet. Somehow, Bliss was firmly in control of the entire ThunderDome.

She then threw a fireball, and Orton narrowly avoided it this time around. Then, a hand emerged from the canvas and grabbed Orton’s leg. A hole in the ring erupted in flame, and The Fiend, with a burnt mask, emerged from it.

He dropped Orton with Sister Abigail, and Bliss pinned the former world champion.

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