Image Credit: WWE

Edge Snaps, Costs Daniel Bryan His Universal Title Match With Roman Reigns At WWE Fastlane

At WWE Fastlane, Daniel Bryan hoped to punch his ticket to what could be his last WrestleMania.

To do so, he challenged Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship. Edge was at ringside because he was serving as the special guest ring enforcer.

Early on, Bryan utilized his technical excellence to gain the upper hand. But Reigns overpowered his challenger and took control.

Still, Bryan kept fighting, and Reigns was on the ropes with a flurry of offense. But Reigns regained the advantage with a Boston Crab. A few minutes later, Bryan rallied again, as he hit a flying knee off the apron.

Eventually, Bryan put Reigns in the Yes Lock, but the champion fought his way out of it.

Reigns slammed Bryan to the mat, and the impact left both men down. The champion dodged Bryan’s running knee, and the challenger accidentally hit the referee. Reigns dropped Bryan with a Spear, and with the referee down, Edge counted the pin, but Bryan kicked out.

Bryan put Reigns in the Yes Lock again, but Uso attacked Edge and Bryan to break the hold. He got a chair, but Bryan dropped him with a chair.

Bryan then counted a Spear into the Yes Lock, but Reigns had just  dropped Edge with a Superman Punch. The champion seemingly tapped out, but Edge attacked Bryan with a steel chair. He then hit Reigns, too. “This is mine,” Edge screamed.

Edge angrily walked to the back, and a new official came to the ring. Reigns immediately covered Bryan for the win to retain the title.

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