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Bayley Says FTR Teaching Her About The Importance Of Ring Psychology Made Her Fall In Love With Tag Team Wrestling

Bayley has seemingly done it all in WWE, but she feels like she’s just getting started.

“The Role Model” recently appeared on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette and discussed the past, present and future of her WWE career. Although she has won every title a women’s wrestler can win in WWE, Bayley explained that she still has several goals on her to-do list.


“I’ve been here for eight years, and I’ve been able to literally do everything and more that I’ve ever wanted to do,” said Bayle. “But there’s still so much that I feel like I need to do to feel complete with everything here, especially starting a new character, it feels like I’ve just started over. I really wanna make this talk show thing awesome, like I really wanna make it bigger and be able to do that and be able to have main event matches, even if it’s in the same night.

“I wanna be the most well-rounded person that they have on the roster, I mean men and women, because I want to be able to be a champion and have main event matches and main event WrestleManias and also be awesome as a talk show host and such a different character.”

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In another highlight, she looked back on her memorable run as a tag team with Sasha Banks. Bayley credited FTR, formerly known as The Revival, for teaching her the psychology of tag team wrestling.

“We never really learned the psychology of tag team wrestling, and once we did that, like we sat down with Dax [Wheeler] and Cash [Harwood], so hard to call them that now…once we sat and learned from them and just watching their matches, I really fell in love with it. So it made me want to fight for [the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship] even more. It made the titles so much more to me, and it makes me want, it also gives something for all the girls to do because you can’t always go after the women’s title.

“[FTR] would make us watch Arn [Anderson] and Tully [Blanchard] all the time. I’d be like, ‘Hey, can I have a match that I should study,’ just for the basis of the storytelling, so you can tell by watching a tag match that you get beat up for a long time and you’re just working for that big tag because you wanna see all the fireworks happen and all that stuff. But they would teach us how much you can tease that and make the people anticipate it or think that it’s gonna happen. Or make it happen but then you, all the fireworks start and then something happens to where it’s like, ‘Oh no, it’s not the end of the match? I thought it was.'”

Bayley also described some of the specific lessons she learned from FTR, particularly the finer details of tag team wrestling.

“Literally the stuff you see Dax mostly tweet about, the tag rope and keeping your feet on the ground when you make a tag and keeping them in the corner, he really pounded that into our heads, too. It’s so important because a lot of people don’t do it or they think that it doesn’t matter. It was just their passion. All the passion that they have for tag team wrestling, it made us want to make them proud, too.”

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