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Four Bottles Of Jack And 100 Beers Later: Henry Godwinn Reminisces On ‘Putting 20 Years In One Night’ For The Undertaker’s Final Farewell

The wrestling world had not seen Henry O. Godwinn for quite some time before he showed up at The Undertaker’s farewell last November at Survivor Series, but The Dead Man made it clear he wanted those Bone Street Krew members in attendance as he said goodbye to the squared circle.

Godwinn joined the Shining Wizards Podcast to talk what that night was like and how it was the first time him and his Bone Street Krew members were all together in over two decades.

“Oh my God, where to start? Well, you know, Bruce Prichard had called me and said Undertaker’s retiring, we’d like to get you guys down here.  He (Undertaker) wants you here. I said, you don’t have to ask me twice.  I’ll be there. It’s been 20 years since the whole BSK group had been in the same room together. I’d been with Papa (Shango), Rikishi, Savio, and Phineas but we had all never been together in twenty years. So we flew down there and everyone was meeting that night, we had our Covid tests and everybody passed, so we went to the bar and Taker was gonna be there about 10:30 so we hung out. And then here comes Taker and that’s when all the shit began. Four bottles of Jack and about 100 beers later and Godfather & Undertaker were putting me to bed at 3:30.  We put in twenty years in one night, so I’m good for another twenty.”

Henry talks about his BSK ties going all the way back to when he and Yokozuna were youngsters.

“We all knew each other as kids. I used to go to California and stay at Yokozuna’s house and Rikishi would be there, and his kids and his sister. It was a big family affair with them out on the west coast.  We were just a group of guys that hit it off.  We all had the same beliefs. It wasn’t that we were bad asses or nothing. We were just a group of big guys that got along.”

And as for those rumors regarding tension with the Kliq, Godwin clears the air of any uncertainties and talks to the diversity of the BSK.

“We didn’t have any problems…We’d always get the question: ‘How was it backstage with you and the clique?’ We were all the boys. We didn’t have no harsh words for them. We were all friends. It’s just this group of guys hung out.  It was just a close group. It was diverse. We had Blacks, we had Hawaiians, we had Samoans, we had Asians, we had rednecks and hillbillies and we were all just one big happy family. For us to get along with our different backgrounds, you’d think our country could get along.  That’s what we always said.”

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