Hurricane Helms
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Shane Helms Remembers WCW’s Final Show: ‘I Didn’t Know What To Believe’

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the WCW, and speaking backstage at last night’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Shane Helms spoke about his memories of the final show for the company.

Helms was asked about the final show of the brand, and mentioned how during a talent meeting with Shane McMahon prior to the show, everyone could hear a pin drop. Helms went on to say that there were too many rumors to really understand what was happening, but when Shane McMahon came in to meet with the talent, they knew things had ended. Helms said that selfishly, he knew that as Crusierweight Champion, he just had to make it out of the night with the belt to potentially be kept on.

Helms went on to say that it was a rough moment, as he was finally getting what he called a “good push” after nine years in the business. He went on to say that he was lucky to be brought on to the main roster of WWE, and still looks back fondly on what he and others accomplished at WCW.

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