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IMPACT Wrestling Results (3/30/21)

You best break out the beers because tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, “Cowboy” James Storm will be having his 1,000th match in IMPACT Wrestling as he takes on a familiar, yet corrupted face in Eric Young!


March 30, 2021, Nashville, TN

Commentators: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown


Havok & Nevaeh vs. Fire & Flava

Hogan starts the match off trash talking Havok and it leads to her getting tossed around and getting powered with backbreakers and such. Neveah comes in and takes control of Kiera. They splash her in the corner and showboat towards Steelz. She gets the tag and knocks Havok off her feet. Running uppercuts. Tasha takes control with a sleeper hold.

Tasha maintains control on Havok and tags in Hogan. It’s not long before she gets fallaway slammed by Havok who tags in Nevaeh. She takes the offensive against Hogan. Havok gets tagged for a sit-out powerbomb for two but Steelz breaks it up. Kiera takes her out with a Dolph Ziggler like DDT but Nevaeh downs here.

It’s not enough as Fire and Flava down Havok with a combo top rope body splash for the W.

WINNERS: Fire & Flava

Post-match, Havok is distraught over the loss and Nevaeh isn’t pleased.  She settles down and the two sort of embrace, but as Havok walks away, Nevaeh attacks her from behind and spears her. She then punches away at her partner before giving her a flatliner DDT.

James Storm expresses how amped he is to Gia Miller about his 1,000th match. This is more of a dedication than a celebration and Storm makes a note that this is for the late Bob Ryder who gave two kids named James Storm and Chris Harris a chance. He tells Eric Young he better be ready. He knows Eric is gonna bring his friends. Well, he brought his friends too and in come Jake Something and Chris Sabin. Sabin says they have a surprise for him and in enters Chris Harris. The two stare one another down before embracing.

Deonna is backstage with Susan. She says they are unstoppable, but Susan expresses her distaste for Jazz, before Jazz comes in and beats her down. Deonna runs off as Susan is left laying.


Larry D (with Acey Romero) vs. Sami Callihan

The two slug it out and Larry gets the better of it first, but Sami soon capitalizes and D goes to the outside. Fight on the apron and Sami slugs Larry off. D catches him flying and sends him crashing into the apron. D belly-to-back suplexes Sami on the apron and we head to break.

Back from break, it’s Larry knocking Sami out of the ring and a brawl commences on the outside. It’s awhile before the two get back in the ring. The two trade running clotheslines and Sami pulls the hair, but Larry D nails a Brodie Lee lariat.  Running splash from D gets a near fall.

Sami catches Larry up top and hits a DVD, but only good for two. Sami soon goes to piledrive D on the apron, but Larry blocks it. Strikes exchanged on the apron. Sami slips free from a fireman’s and gouges Larry’s eyes. Sami boots him in the face and hits a Heatseeker. That’s good for the win.

WINNER: Sami Callihan

Post-match, Acey Romero comes in and beats up Sami. Unlike Sami did for Trey last week, Trey did not come out to save him. Callihan is shown grinning as Striker puts over that “Trey passed the test Sami put his way.”

Kenny Omega is with The Good Brothers and Don Callis. They aren’t impressed by Fin Juice and Callis notes that something is off with Doc and Karl. Don whispers something to The Good Brothers and they head off.

Sami finds Trey Miguel backstage. He notes that Miguel didn’t help him. Trey is fired up. Sami has pushed him to his limit because he knows him too well. Trey needs to take that anger and take it to the next level. Trey tells him that he’s not his “Twitter checkmark.” Sami wants to be his mentor. Callihan wants Trey to help him carry IMPACT into the next phase. Next week, he’s going to Scott D’Amore and ask him for a tag match against XXXL. Trey says “hell no” but Sami wants him to think about it.


Brian Myers vs. Suicide

Myers is still sporting the eyepatch as he and Suicide trade offensive attacks.  A headscissor takedown puts Suicide in control. Myers takes over in the heelish manner of a chin lock, but Suicide fires back with some palm strikes and a shotgun dropkick. Savate kick by Myers followed by a Falcon Arrow for two.

Myers taunts Suicide who fights to his feet with an inverted side effect. He hits his Roster Cut clothesline for the win.

WINNER: Brian Myers

Myers speaks to Matt Cardona in the ring post match. He says Matt is just looking for the “rub,” but it’s not gonna happen here. He’s the franchise of IMPACT wrestling, not him. Matt’s challenge is declined.

Tommy Dreamer pitches to Jazz backstage the “Ultimate Jeopardy” match to her at Hardcore Justice, meaning she has to put up something in order to get something. If she wins, she wins the Knockouts Title, if she loses (Jazz proposes this part mind you) her career is finished. Tommy’s okay with it if she is and obviously, she is (again, she pitched it, folks).

The two Tonys appear to promote tomorrow’s Dynamite. It starts with hype of Arcade Anarchy and Tony Khan is going Kenny Omega level of bezerk promoting it.

Swinger’s Palace is full of Swingerellas and a full bladder of John E. Bravo. Enter Don Callis and Kenny. Don notes that he hasn’t seen Swinger since the pre-cell phone era. They pitch a friendly wager to put $20K on Omega beating Rich Swann.


TJP & Josh Alexander vs. Madman Fulton & Ace Austin

Fulton powers around Alexander which sets Ace up for a tag, but it’s Austin who tags Madman back in. Alexander with a side headlock. Belly-to-back by Madman, but Josh still doesn’t release the hold. Alexander nails Madman with a top rope lariat and crashes him into the corner. Ace has to tag in and Alexander wrestles around with him, thwarting his chance at tagging his partner back in. TJP and Alexander work over both opponents before arguing with one another. TJP tags himself in and he is on the offensive until Madman grabs hold of him in the corner. Sleeper by Ace. TJP gets to his feet, but Acesends him in the corner and tags in Madman. He strangles TJP on the top rope causing the ref to count to five.

They double team TJP with a running lariat to the back of the head and it’s good just for two. Hot tag to Josh soon as he takes it to Madman with some shots. He even reverses a suplex by the big man, but then Madman back drops him before giving him a big boot. Ace goes to crossbody a prone Alexander in a Madman suplex, but TJP saves him. TJP boot washes Ace and the two men double team attack Fulton. TJP gets sandwiched in  between the two. Madman and and TJP spill out as Ace gets a close fall on Alexander.

TJP hits a Mamba Splash on  Ace, but he and Alexander argue over the pin. This allows Ace to fold TJP up for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

Don Callis comes in to patronize Willie Mack as he begins to show him Kenny Omega highlights. Rich Swann confronts Don. Callis says for right now he’s not an executive and challenges Rich to hit him. This opens up an attack from Kenny and The Good Brothers. Willie and he brawl with them and Eddie Edwards enters in for the save to send the bad guys scurrying.

Rohit Raju wants to form a tag team with Hernandez, but all Hernandez cares about is money in his hand. Rohit currently doesn’t have that so he has to get to stepping.

We see Eric Young talking about James Storm challenging him for his 1,000th match. He says Storm is lost to the purity of truth James. He has stood the test of time but so has Eric Young. Tonight he’s going to show him that this world doesn’t belong to him, but to VBD.

Tommy Dreamer is addressing some of the Knockouts locker room about Hardcore Justice. He’s interrupted by Deonna and Susan. He tries to conjure “Su” out of Susan but that’s not happening. He then tells them that the Knockouts will have an Anything Goes Brawl at Hardcore Justice. Alisha wants to know the rules to the match but he remains tight lipped.


James Storm’s 1000th Match

Eric Young (with Violent By Design) vs. James Storm (with Chris Sabin, Jake Something & Chris Harris)

The two lock up but reset. Lock up two has EY powers Storm in the corner before he backs up and talks trash. Lock up three. Storm corners Eric. Eric uses the ropes to protect himself. EY evades some attacks by Storm, but he elbows, knee drops and leg drops his foe for two. EY later smashes Storm’s face off the turnbuckle. Storm falls in between the men at ringside and we have a showdown before heading to our final break.

Back from break EY hits a swinging neckbreaker on Storm and digs his forearm in his face for a two count. EY maintains that attack in the corner.

EY hits a major rolling splash in the opposite corner. EY covers, but Storm reaches the ropes. EY chokes Storm with his leg over the second rope.

Young delivers a another big neckbreaker for a cover: 1-2-Storm kicks out. Storm fights to his feet and takes it to EY with with a lariat and a Manhattan Drop. Running neckbreaker for a near fall.

James goes for an Eye of The Storm, EY slips out, goes for his Last Call superkick but EY evades. Storm hits his EOFTS. Two count. EY takes back the offense and hits his picture perfect elbow drop for his own near fall. Super kick by EY. Two count.

Shots are traded but Storm hits a lungblower. Deaner gets on the apron, Storm tries to roll EY up but gets vaulted to the outside. Big brawl amongst the men on the outside. Chris Harris and EY confront one another. Harris hits him hard and sends EY back in the ring for Storm’s Last Call superkick. 1-2-3!

WINNER: James Storm

Post-match, Storm says “Thank you, Bob Ryder” as he’s surrounded by his allies to close the show.