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‘F*ck ‘Em’: Myron Reed Doesn’t Care What Wrestling Thinks (And That Includes CONTRA Unit)

Myron Reed has learned to not give a damn what people in wrestling think about him and that mindset has been worthwhile for ‘The Young GOAT’ of Major League Wrestling.

Myron Reed and his Injustice brother, Jordan Oliver, are splitting up to take on CONTRA Unit in singles action at MLW Never Say Never this Wednesday, but Reed can’t wait for Injustice to prove themselves against top talent once again. Oliver will have his hands full against Simon Gotch while Myron takes on one of the infidels’ newest recruits in the ring veteran Daivari.

“You know, CONTRA, they’re big fight feel. Every time you see anything with them you know it’s gonna be good. It’s like, ‘Alright, we gotta do our part and making sure that we do the same thing,” Reed said, “because Injustice is building its name just like CONTRA is.”

Injustice has gone through some major changes since the pandemic occurred, particularly losing one of their stalwart members in Kotto Brazil due to CONTRA’s hostile takeover early in 2020. Despite that loss, Reed and Oliver have further learned that teamwork does make the dreamwork.

“Honestly bro, without Kotto there, me and Jordan just felt that we had to get stronger together, stick together, cause that’s the way Kotto would have wanted. When he was with us,” Reed said, “he was definitely one of the guys that was always preaching about ‘stick together, man.'”

And what you see with Injustice, is always what you get. Their bond with one another is true blue.

“Like you said, it’s organic, it’s real. When we were together, we were always together. Same hotel playing video games together, writing stuff down, just trying to figure out what’s the game plan? What are we going for, what are we doing? Always, everything we did together, worked out together, the shows. We had to be a group, we had to learn each other, you know what I mean,” Reed noted, “if we were gonna be a team out there.”

Just like the majority of the world, COVID-19 kept the majority of Myron Reed’s 2020 grounded, but he’s taken plenty of opportunities to redefine himself in the gym and on the canvas.

“Since the pandemic, I’ve been in the gym almost every day, trying to eat every two or three hours. I’m gaining weight, getting stronger and just with the wrestling, I don’t want to be classified as just a guy that does flippy moves. I was trying to not only build myself as a character and work on being more confident because honestly man,” Reed explained, “I grew up just talking shit. I love talking shit and wrestling, I always felt like I was gonna offend somebody and then you know I was just, ‘You know what?’ If they’re offended, ‘fuck ’em. Fuck ’em.'”

Myron feels that simple mantra has helped him greatly in MLW.

“For me, Jordan, at first we were very uncomfortable with talking in front of the camera, and when you’re comfortable talking in front of the camera, you say this stuff and you believe it. You believe it and I feel like it helps,” Reed said. “I feel like promos help cause you believe it.”

When asked where he developed that “fuck ’em” mentality, Reed went to the straight to the source of what subconsciously drew him to pro wrestling

“I felt like all of our favorite wrestlers didn’t give a fuck, you know what I mean? You didn’t really understand why they were so awesome and everybody you knew was like, ‘He’s badass, fuck with him, that’s my favorite,’ because people want to get behind someone that stands up for themselves and don’t give a fuck. ‘If you don’t like what I have to say, then fuck ’em.’ That’s really how they are. Think about Shawn Michaels and guys like that,” Reed proclaimed. “They didn’t give a fuck, man. They did not give a fuck back then. They did not care back then.”

Myron Reed will bring that attitude towards Daivari starting tonight at 7:00 PM EST on the special “Never Say Never” edition of MLW Fusion.

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone.

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