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Thunder Rosa Is Walking Through the ‘Free Agent Door’ in 2022

Despite “rumors” in November that she was a free agent and could be WWE bound, former NWA women’s champion Thunder Rosa never took her talents up north. Nor will she be testing the free agent market the rest of 2021. However, next year is a completely different ball of wax for the breakout star of NWA and AEW’s recent talent sharing relationship.

During an appearance on Jason Burgos’ Back Talk, the native of Mexico spoke in detail about her “bright” future, and the plethora of options in front of her in 2022.

“That whole November thing was so funny. We were trolling everybody for like a week and a half. It was great. I had so many followers and people talking about me. And still talking about me,” Thunder Rosa said with a laugh. “I’m just riding the wave right now and seeing what’s going to happen next. Consolidating my brand, [and] my other brand in Mission Pro Wrestling. My school; and that’s all that matter’s right now. Whatever’s going to happen in the next few months I have no control over. We know we have a bright future ahead of us. That’s what I know and I’m staying positive with that, and we’re going to see from there. I’m probably going to do the [NCAA signing day] kind of thing. My husband’s going to be with me, my son, Drago’s going to be in the middle and I’m going to have the [promotion] hats [in front of me], and then I’m going to put a hat on. It’s going to be a 2022 moment probably.”

Along with talking her future prospects, Thunder Rosa spoke on NWA boss Billy Corgan, and his vision for the promotion. If she will return to being an exclusive NWA talent in the months ahead, or will she continue to frequent the forbidden door and appear on more episodes of AEW Dynamite. She talked about her physical wrestling style and her highly praised “lights out” match with Britt Baker. Why equality for women in professional wrestling, and representation as a Latin woman in the industry, is so important to her, plus much more.

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