ROH Wrestling Results (4/5/21): Brian Johnson vs Danhausen

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ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired April 5, 2021

Report by Colin Tessier for

Quinn McKay welcomes viewers and previews the show. The show transitions to a replay of the end of last week’s Pure Wrestling Gauntlet Match, which ended when Fred Yehi made Wheeler YUTA tap out. After the match, Yehi reminds McKay that Dak Draper cheated to beat him. But he chooses to focus on the fact that he won the first Pure Wrestling Gauntlet Match, and he’s in the business of breaking people.

Brian Johnson vs. Danhausen

In a pre-match promo, Johnson says he loves professional wrestling, and he hates Danhausen. But he wants to focus on the present, where he’s facing Danhausen in the third match in a trilogy. “The Mecca” says he remembers his matches with Danhausen, and he vows to be remembered for beating Danhausen once and for all. He says he’s tired of Danhausen making a mockery of wrestling, so he’s going to teach him all about what “Mecca vs. Everybody” really means.

On the other hand, Danhausen says he has defeated Johnson fair and square in the past, but “The Mecca” cheated to beat him in the second match. Danhausen explains that he’s upset because Johnson cost him money, but he’ll fill his sack of money again by beating Johnson.

Danhausen hands over his jar of teeth before the match. The rivals shake hands before the match. Johnson and Danhausen feel each other out, and “The Mecca” says they’re in his ring. Johnson takes Danhausen to the mat, but a very evil counter helps Danhausen gain the upper hand. Both men go back and forth with technical holds. A hip toss takes Johnson down, but “The Mecca” hits a Stun Gun. Johnson hits the Spike Eskin for a two count.

Johnson continues to control the match, and he drops Danhausen with a diving clothesline and a lariat. Danhausen rallies and nearly gets the win with a rollup. He suplexes Johnson, and the move leaves both men down. Johnson counters Goodnight-hausen, but Danhausen suplexes Johnson again. Danhausen dumps Johnson to the outside and hits a hurricanrana onto the floor. Johnson thumbs Danhausen in the eye, but Johnson’s legs knock down the referee during Goodnight-hausen, so he can’t count the pin.

Johnson puts his feet on the ropes, so the referee stops counting this pin. Johnson hits Danhausen below the belt and hits Trust The Process for the win.

Winner: Brian Johnson

Johnson gets a microphone and says it’s about time he gets to speak his mind. He says it’s about time that “The Meccade of Excellence” begins. Johnson puts the roster on notice and states that it’s “Mecca” vs. everybody. Johnson stares down Mark Briscoe, who joined commentary for this match.

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