The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith
Photo by Tim Roney/Getty Images

Davey Boy Smith’s Family Grateful For WWE Hall Of Fame Recognition

The family of Davey Boy Smith is beaming for their late legendary dad and husband. The great British Bulldog will be one of several inductees during tonight’s WWE Hall Of Fame induction ceremony and several members of the Smith family spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated on him finally getting the prestigious nod.

“I wouldn’t be in wrestling without him,”  his son Harry Smith says. “Carrying over his legacy, that’s something I’m honored to do.

“He was a wonderful father. I’ll always remember little things, like him cheering on me and my teammates at soccer games when I was a kid. He cared so much. He had that spirit, that aura. That’s what helped push me and make me into who I am today.”

Davey Boy’s daughter, Georgia, spoke to how she had goals in mind when it came to carrying on her dad’s legacy and two of those were achieved with tonight’s induction and the upcoming Icons documentary which she had a huge part in.

“This is so meaningful, so special, and there is a lot of emotion about it for the whole family,” Georgia says. “It’s a labor of love for me to represent my dad. It means the world to me, and I’m so grateful and happy the Hall of Fame is happening.”

“My dad was one of a kind, and he would do anything for the people he cared about,” Georgia says. “He tried to give the best lives possible to my brother and me. I’m so happy he’s getting this credit and recognition. He deserves it. It’s such a highlight for us as a family.”

Diana Smith, the widow of Davey Boy, expressed the amount of love that he had for his children and how he lives on through both Harry and Georgia.

“He had the pain, the injuries, and put his body through so much, but no matter what situation he was in, he loved his children so much. He put them on a pedestal and loved them so much.

“Davey comes out through his children. The footprint he left in their lives, that can never be replaced. I wish he could be here to speak what it means to him. I know he’d be very proud of his children, and he’d be so grateful to share this with them.”