IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion Swann vs. Omega
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Tony Khan And Scott D’Amore Address Having The Same World Champion After IMPACT Rebellion PPV

One man will leave Rebellion with the IMPACT and AEW World Championship, and both companies would be proud to have the winner represent their respective titles.

IMPACT Wrestling uploaded the full-length version of the Rebellion press conference to their YouTube channel, with Kenny Omega, Tony Khan, Rich Swann and Scott D’Amore fielding press questions about the title vs. title match at Rebellion. WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard asked about the potential that the match could leave one of the companies without a world champion on their roster, but both Tony Khan and Scott D’Amore said the winner will be the reigning and defending champion of both promotions.

Tony Khan: “We’re both going to have champions on Monday. They are both going to be the same person, but we’re both going to have a World Champion. I think it’s highly likely that it’s going to be Kenny Omega, it does me no pleasure—I don’t enjoy sitting here next to Kenny in this press conference. I don’t enjoy being here, believe me, I like being around great athletes and working with great athletes,” Khan said, “and Kenny Omega is probably the best athlete in the world. I take no pleasure in this. I’m good friends with Dana White and he’s had to promote some unsavory characters, he doesn’t always their antics, so I don’t appreciate the stuff Kenny does, but nevertheless, he is the best wrestler in the world, he is the greatest champion in the world.”

“He’s the AEW Champion, he doesn’t have to go above and beyond to prove it in different companies, but he does and he has. He’s gone to Mexico and he’s the AAA Mega Champion, he’s been the AEW Champion and the AEW Tag Team Champion, now he’s probably going to become the IMPACT Champion and at this pay-per-view,” Khan noted, “you’re going to get a chance, if you don’t watch AEW, is see why this is the greatest wrestler in the world and why he’s going to be IMPACT Champion pretty soon, whether you like it or not.”

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Scott D’Amore: “I think the key there, and Tony touched on, is that there will be a champion for each company—we’ll have the same champion. Kenny Omega is a once-in-a-generation athlete and he’s done amazing things all over the world, and if Kenny Omega walks out the IMPACT World Champion,” D’Amore explained, “then we will be very honored and pleased to have him represent us.”

“Rich Swann is an amazing professional wrestler. Rich Swann has battled his way not just through his career, but life. He’s a fighter, he’s a survivor and he’s somebody who, at every-which-way, we’re proud to have IMPACT Wrestling represented by him. And if Rich comes out as the winner—and it is a possibility, a very good one—then as Tony said,” D’Amore noted, “he’ll be more than happy to have Rich Swann represent AEW.”

Khan then motioned to Swann and said if he wins, he’d be more than welcome on AEW TV, but noted that the odds were not in his favor. Despite that, D’Amore closed by pointing out that everyone wins, no matter what the outcome of the match is.

Tony: “If you win Rich, you come to Double Or Nothing, you come defend the belt, come to Dynamite, I can’t wait. The odds are stacked very much against you, we may be on the road here,” Khan said, “but you’re looking at the best wrestler in the world, whether I personally like him or not. That’s why I pay him a lot of money.”

Scott: “Everybody wins—AEW, IMPACT and the fans.”

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