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Chris Jericho And Christian Recall The Original Pitch For ‘Ass Cream’, Why The Dudleys Replaced Booker T And Goldust

Chris Jericho and Christian reminisce about ass cream.

Christian Cage was a recent guest on Talk Is Jericho and the two recalled the infamous “Ass Cream” segment that led to them being disrobed on stage. Jericho explained how Vince McMahon pitched the two on doing some comedy skits with Booker T and Goldust, including the infamous angle where their clothes were stolen.

Jericho: “We come back from India and Vince wants us to do something entertaining so the Dudleys are supposed to steal, actually, it wasn’t the Dudleys, it was Booker and Goldust. [They] were supposed to steal our clothes.

Christian: “So we get back, like this crazy—not a word of a lie here—just the worst travel day you’d ever [imagine.] It was not a good trip. So we get back and I remember landing in Frankfurt as our layover, which is another 8-9 hour flight after that, by the way. And that was like the halfway point. I remember getting off that plane and everybody just rushed to McDonald’s to get some sort of food. So then we jump on the flight, I think we were in Charleston or something like that. So we get there late at night and we get there, and we have this text from Brian [Gewirtz.] saying ‘Vince wants something entertaining tomorrow, and this is the deal.’ And we’re like, ‘okay.’ So we’re basically the thread of the entire show. So we go out there and I think we were gonna do a match, screw them over, they were gonna end up stealing our clothes, and this whole chase was going on.”

Christian explained that it was about 30 minutes before showtime when Booker T was wheeled past them on a stretcher, leading to the Dudleys being inserted into the plans.

Christian: “All of a sudden, Booker gets wheeled past us on a stretcher with like an IV in him and we’re [in disbelief]. And they’re like, ‘yeah he just got super dehydrated from the trip and like came down with something.’ They were taking him to get looked at, he was not in a good way. So then I think the Dudleys had wrestled on the Velocity or whatever the show was they taped beforehand. And they were putting the Dudleys in their place and now we had like 25 minutes to get this whole two or three segment match down and the whole thing.”

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Christian said they all got together to come up with a new plan, then Jericho recalled the rest of the plan from earlier in the day when it involved some more ‘delicate’ items in their gym bags.

Jericho: “So then they steal our clothes. And earlier in the day is when we go through, they’re gonna steal our gear bags, and what’s in the gear bags? And Vince is like, ‘you’re gonna have women’s lingerie in there.’ I’m like, ‘what, so now we’re crossdressers?’ [Vince goes] ‘it’s funny.’ How is it funny to have rag lingerie in our bags?”

Christian: “And then Brian came up with the idea to have ‘ass cream,’ which was a great call.”

Jericho: “But here’s the best part, and I’m still convinced to this day that you were gonna go for it because you’re such a good company man. Vince wanted us to go out to the ring wearing towels because all of our gear is stolen, so the whole show we’re walking around in towels, trying to find out where our stuff is. And we go to the ring, where Bubba’s got the stuff with the ass cream. And Spike comes from being and pulls our towels off, right. And Vince wanted us to be completely naked.”

Christian: “And then I was like, ‘uh… okay.’ And you’re like, ‘No, we’re not doing it.’ [I said] ‘Well, you better go talk to them, then.’”

Jericho: “[Vince says] ‘I heard you don’t like something, pal…’ [laughs] like he’s super nice. I’m like, ‘you can’t have us standing there naked. I mean there’s little kids out there.’ He’s like, ‘what do you suggest we do?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know, give us nylon g-strings.’”

Christian: “Yup, so we had skin-colored thongs on.”

Jericho: “He literally wanted us to be naked on stage.”

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