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Da Pope Knows The Vital Importance Of The NWA Powerrr Podium, Addresses Having A Target On His Back As Champion

Elijah Burke is A-OK with having a target on his back as the NWA Worlds Television Champion.

“Da Pope” won the title from Aron Stevens back in December of 2020, but he knows the sights are set on him. Two people who seem to be buzzing around him are Tyrus and Austin Idol, and Burke spoke with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo about that budding rift he’s having with that unlikely duo.

“Well those two—Tyrus, Austin Idol—they’re not necessarily shooting straight from the hip if you will, but they’re leaving things up for interpretation. When it comes down to Tyrus in particular, you have to understand this dinosaur has followed Pope wherever Pope has gone and not only has he followed Pope wherever Pope has gone, but somehow, someway, he always tends to try to shake up things in the process of Pope. So it comes to me as no surprise as Austin Idol and Tyrus would make their somewhat presence felt without necessarily making their intentions known, but of course, your boy being who he is,” he said, “we know what’s going down, we know what they’re up to and it’s simply no good.”

Da Pope also addressed that target on his back that comes with being TV Champion and fully embraced it in its entirety.

“I don’t mind that because not only does having a target on your back make you somewhat susceptible to attacks from all points and ends, but what it also does is it keeps one alert. It keeps one ready,” Pope explained, “and it also gives me the opportunity to go out there and prove that I’m worthy of such a title and prove why I am the NWA Worlds Television Champion.”

Da Pope is unbridled at pontificating and mentions how honored he is to follow in the footsteps of legends behind that NWA Powerrr podium every Tuesday evening.

“That podium in the NWA Powerrr studio is as prominent, as important as the canvas that is the ring itself so I get that, I understand that. So when we talk about ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes, we talk about the Tully Blanchards, the Arn Andersons and the list goes on, those guys, them behind what is almost like such a holy grail, if you will, when it comes to NWA wrestling, to have the honor and the privilege to stand behind that podium and deliver and to convey what it is that is trying to be said,” Pope explained, “it makes that moment mean so much more and again, it makes it an honor. It’s not a challenge for Pope, it’s just simply an honor to be there with NWA Powerrr and to have the ability and the opportunity rather to go out there and then just let it flow, if you understand what I’m saying.”

While the in-ring work sure can be key in telling a star’s story, Burke again notes the importance of being able to convey oneself behind that microphone.

“It was an important ingredient rather to the process. We can see wrestling all day long, but when you get behind there and you’re on that microphone, you have the ability to connect with individuals, with people in a way that the wrestling itself just isn’t going to do. Wrestling, while it helps tell the story from a physical standpoint, when you can get one invested, when you talk them into that arena,” Pope explained, “that was the point of going behind that podium. It was to sell tickets, it was to get people invested in the character, to let them know who you are and what you’re about, so yeah man, being behind there, again man, that was the purpose. It was to create more interest and to cause people to become more invested.”

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Plenty more to come from this insightful interview as Pope talked about his inspirations outside of wrestling and his amazing charity, The Love-Alive Charity, which is on the verge of celebrating its 10 year anniversary with an upcoming wrestling event on June 19, The Great American Clash in Jacksonville, FL. You can learn more about the group and donate to Love-Alive HERE.