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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Scott D’Amore Explains Why John E. Bravo Is The ‘Rudy’ Of Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling Co-Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore had some high praise for John E. Bravo.

Scott D’Amore recently appeared on the “Wrestling Perspective Podcast” ahead of this Sunday’s IMPACT Rebellion pay-per-view and the Canadian-born executive talked about Bravo’s passion for wrestling being rewarded in the end.

“John E. Bravo is the guy who people laughed at on the independents, but he just worked so damn hard. Like he’s literally the ‘Rudy’ story, but in professional wrestling. People mocked him,” D’Amore explained, “but he showed up for 25 years every single Monday to train. His wife fell down a flight of stairs when she was pregnant, he drove her to the hospital, got her checked in, made sure she was OK, gave her a kiss and said ‘OK, I gotta go.’ She said ‘Where ya going?’ and he says ‘Well…it’s Monday, I’m going to Canada, I train to wrestle.'”

“So, to see people like that, who have that love and passion and dedication,” D’Amore said, “and to be able to be part of giving them an opportunity to do something that they love and something that they dream of doing…I would say that is the most rewarding part.”

John E. Bravo initially worked as a referee for the company but soon became an on-air character involved with Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary. After he was “shot” at his wedding, he was seen most recently as a patron of Swinger’s Palace on IMPACT television.

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