Cesaro WrestleMania 37
Image Credit: WWE

Daniel Bryan And Cesaro Beat Jey Uso, Send Message To Roman Reigns

Cesaro called out Roman Reigns during last week’s episode of SmackDown, and tonight, he got some help from Daniel Bryan in sending an emphatic message to the WWE Universal Champion.

Coming out to start tonight’s episode, Cesaro was quickly interrupted by Seth Rollins, who once again tried to force Cesaro to thank him for putting him on the map with their WrestleMania 37 match. Rollins was instead interrupted himself by Jey Uso, who wanted nothing more than to deliver a brutal beating to Cesaro. As both Rollins and Uso surrounded the ring, Daniel Bryan came out to help a superstar he respects, and he also delivered a series of insults to Reigns, forcing him to come to the stage.

The WWE Universal Champion dismissed both Bryan and Cesaro by calling them “main event losers” before he left. From there, Cesaro and Bryan faced the duo of Uso and Rollins in a tag team match. Despite his cocky attitude before the bell, Rollins wanted nothing to do with the match. Toward the end of the contest, he walked out on Uso, leaving him in the ring to take a brutal superplex from Cesaro. Eventually, Bryan pinned Uso with a running knee.

Following the end of the match, Bryan and Cesaro toyed with Uso, as “The Swiss Cyborg” swung him around a handful of times while Bryan taunted Reigns from the top rope. Unfortunately for Uso, his cousin never came out, so Bryan ended the matter by saying that Reigns is afraid to wrestle Cesaro on his own because he knows he’d lose. 

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