IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion Swann vs. Omega
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IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion Results (4/25/21)

IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion was a historic pay-per-view that featured an unprecedented title unification match as its main event. Overall, the entire card was filled with exciting matches that delivered and fun surprises that left fans on the edge of their seats.

We break it all down, from Kenny Omega’s title win to W. Morrissey’s debut and everything in between:


April 25, 2021, Nashville, TN

Commentators: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown 

On the pre-show, Havok defeated Susan by pinfall.

The show starts off by showing both champions walking into the building with their respective titles.


IMPACT X-Division Championship

TJP vs. Josh Alexander vs. Ace Austin (c) (with Madman Fulton)

The bell sounds nd the three circle one another. Ace kicks at TJP and Josh, but all of them trade shots and then submissions. Ace gets dumped to the floor. Headscissors by TJP sends Josh out too. Ace kicks Alexander and in the corner TJP boot washes the champ. Not long until Ace dives on top of both men to the outside with a corkscrew plancha.

In the ring, Ace is about to use a playing card for paper cuts, but Brian Hebner stops him and soon Alexander catches Austin in  series of German suplexes. That gets Josh a near fall.

Josh soon gets downed and Ace catches TJP up top. Alexander catches both of them and suplexes both foes off the top at once.

Ace gets downed on the outside, Madmen sends him back in the ring and it’s not to his benefit as TJP eventually downs him in the corner for a Mamba Splash. Josh pulls him off for an ankle lock. TJP rolls Josh into his own version of that and Ace gets cinched into won for a human ankle lock with al three. This turns into a series of submission attempts involving the trio until Ace flips over both of them for a duel neckbreaker.

TJP soong gets back on offense with some boot washes and a corner knee to both men. Madman gets a shot in on TJP and Ace takes advantage. Alexander hits his Divine Intervention piledriver on TJP for a near fall but Ace makes the save. Fireman’s carry from Josh to Ace up top. Josh gets him in an ankle lock and TJP crashes down on Josh with a Mamba splash. Madman pulls TJP off. Alexander hits his Divine Intervention on Ace and gets the 1-2-3.

WINNER and NEW X-Division Champion: Josh Alexander

We see Violent By Design. Eric Young is talking to someone we don’t see. He says this person is ready for this opportunity. “You’ll make your mark in one foul swoop.”


James Storm, Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards & Willie Mack vs. Violent By Design (Deaner, Rhino, Joe Doering) (with Eric Young)

VBD all walk out and Eric Young introduces CazXL, now going by W. Morrissey. Eddie and Doering start it off but tags are quickly exchanged.

Storm takes it to Deaner and he throws him into his corner to tag in Morrissey. Storm gives him some right hands but Morrissey boots Storm off the top rope. EY watches from the stage. Morrissey hammers away at Storm in the VBD corner before tagging in Deaner. Storm catches Rhino with a running neckbreaker and tags in Willie for the hot tag. Big bodyslam and leg drop to Deaner. “Get your ass up,” says Mack as he sit-out slams him for a two count. Deaner soon finds himself back in control. Things begin to get chaotic as the good guys are in control. Edie and Sabin double team Deaner and Morrissey comes in for the save. He tags himself in. Willie Mack dumps up out of the ring, but W. takes out Sabin on the apron. W catches Mack with an uppercut as he attempts a tope. Sabin superplexes Deaner on top of the mass of humanity on the outside.

Mack hits his Stunner but Morrissey comes in with a big boot. He doesn’t go for the cover and hits his East River Crossing for the 1-2-3.


Immediately after, Morrissey continues to pummel Mack. He raises his arm in the ring by himself as VBD are shown on the entryway.


Brian Myers vs. Matt Cardona

Bell rings and Matt goes for the handshake, but Brian gives him the one finger salute. Cardona then goes after him and the fight spills onto the outside. Cardona turns a suplex into a neckbreaker. They brawl over the barricades.

Back in the ring, Myers knees Cardona’s back while having a camel clutch. Cardona fights back to hit a major missile dropkick. He goes on a flurry of offense. Matt hits his Radio Silence on the ramp against Myers. Both men are down. Myers downs Matt big time with a spear onto the floor, rolls him back in the ring and hits an elbow drop from up top for a two count.

The two men go back and forth and Cardona hits his lady’s Hot Mess for a very near fall, but Myers kicks out. Matt goes for his Radio Silence, but Myers vaults him over and Matt lands awkwardly on his knee. The refs get called down to the ring as Myers lays off. He offers Matt a hand, who takes it. He clotheslines Cardona down and sizes him up. Nails him with a Roster Cut for the W.

WINNER: Brian Myers

Tony Khan is with Tony Schiavone, Jerry Lynn and referee Aubrey Edwards.  She’s here to officiate the main event. Enter Scott D’Amore. He says they have the reffing thing under control. Brian Hebner. “Brian would never screw anybody. Brian what’s your last name?” Tony asks. They decide on two referees.


IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championships

Fire & Flava (c) vs. Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering (with Jazz)

Ellering shows her prowess against the champions. Kiera gets her in a side headlock. Ellring corners her and tags in Grace. Kiera gets thrown straight down and Grace sends Kiera crashing twice in neutral corners.

Fire & Flava double superkick Grace but she fights back briefly. Grace does get isolated in the champs’ corner. They deliver a flurry of attacks which is punctuated by a sliding kick for a two count. Tasha gets the tag. Steelz corners Grace and stomps a mudhole in her. Keira accidentally boots Steelz and Grace gives her a spinebuster. Grace tags in Rachael nd she’s got that hot tag momentum.  Jumping forearm in the corner to Kiera. STO and then hits a first rope leg drop. Two count.

Rachael and Grace double team the dickens out of Kiera and gets a near fall after downing her. Fire and Flava take the challengers both out with double dropkicks. Two count by Kiera Hogan. Grace suplexes both Fire & Flava. Tasha gets dumped hard on the apron via Grace. She hits her with a diving forearm. Kiera climbs up top and double cross bodies her foes.

Grace goes to lariat Kiera while she’s in a waistlock from Rachael, but Tasha pulls her out. Nonetheless, Rachael Hits a sit-out fisherman’s buster for the 1-2-3!

WINNERS and NEW IMPACT Knockout Tag Team Champions: Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering


Last Man Standing Match

Sami Callihan vs. Trey  Miguel

Bell tolls and Sami lawn darts Miguel over the top and into the barricade. Trey answers at five, but Sami bodyslams him on the floor.

Trey hits a sliced bread #2 on the floor (utilizing the corner post. He uses the ropes to give Sami a hurricanrana into the guardrails. Trey tells Sami to stay down. He goes to dive on top of him via the middle ropes, but he goes right into the rails after Sami moves. Trey answers at eight. They soon find themselves past the barricade and Sami tries to shove a  rolling production  box into Trey, who thankfully moves. He gets powerbombed on top of it. Sami opens the box and grabs hold of a chain.  Trey fights him off before Sami shoves a wrench in his mouth.

Sami pulls out a table and Trey answers the count at nine. He rolls Trey back onto the canvas.  Trey uses the chairs that Sami threw in the ring to support himself, but Sami knocks him down.  He rests Trey’s head on the chair and goes to hit him with a wrench but Trey moves and hits a rolling STO on top of the chairs. Trey gets to his feet and Sami answers after eight. Trey steps on the table that Sami is going after as both men try to suplex one another on the legs of it. Sami ends up bodyslamming Trey on top of one side of those legs. Trey answers at nine with the help from the corner turnbuckle.

Sami throws a chair at Trey who was up top and moves the table over. Sami climbs up as Trey fights him, but Sami piledrives him on top of the table which doesn’t break. One leg is major twisted out of shape. Trey rolls on the floor to stand up briefly to save himself. Sami sets the steel stairs on his side.

On top of those stairs, Sami grabs Trey by the balls and piledrives him on top of it. He buries Trey underneath the stairs as Sami sits down. Trey however, slides through the ring skirt and nails a cutter to Sami through the table. Trey answers at nine, but Sami doesn’t.

WINNER: Trey Miguel

Rich Swann is backstage with Gia Miller. He notes how big tonight is. He has to admit, The Invisible Hand got into his head a little bit, but now, as the time is upon us, there is not one mind game that is gonna stop him from proving himself. This is the biggest match of Rich’s career, but it’s also Kenny’s. They’ve both won world titles, but the difference is, once that bell rings, one person is going to take home all of the gold. We ain’t in AEW’s ring tonight. They are at Rebellion. This is an IMPACT PPV. This is his house. You got another thing coming if you think he’s gonna let his colleagues down. Tonight he’s going to rebel against Callis, his arrogance and his “Too sweets.”


IMPACT Tag Team Championships

The Good Brothers vs. Fin Juice (c)

Belts are raised and bell rings. Finlay and Anderson start it off.  Jocking for position. Arm wrench and tag to Juice for a double axe handle. Juice bodyslams his partner on top of Anderson. One count. Belly-to-back. Tag to Finlay as they work the arm further. Running elbows by Finlay for a two count. Anderson corners him  and tags in Doc. Fin evades and tags in Juice for that same double axe handle to the arm. Double facebuster for Doc. Two count.

Doc strikes away at Fin and tags in Karl. Finlay fight both men off, but Doc pump kicks David out flat on the floor. Doc rolls Finaly back in the rin. Body strikes. Later on, a major roundhouse kick from Doc to David. Kick out at two. Sleeper hold to grind down Finlay. Gallows continues his power of dominance against Finlay. Hard sleeper yet again. He tosses David into a neutral corner, but Finlay fights him off to collide into him from the top. Tag to Anderson, but Anderson stops him briefly. He does tag in Juice for some elbows and a jumping senton. Juice dives on top of Gallows. Jabs from Juice to Karl. Inverted atomic drop. Big corner clothesline from Juice before hitting a cannonball. He drags Anderson to the middle for a two count.

Running dropkick Russian leg sweep by Fin Juice for a near fall. Anderson continues to keep getting dominated who saves Anderson from a pinfall. Gallows gets dumped and Fin Juice goes for the Doomsday Device, but Gallows knocks them free and The GBs neckbreak double team Juice for a false finish.

They go for a Magic Killer on Finlay, but Juice rolls Anderson up for the title retain!

WINNER and STILL IMPACT World Tag Team Champions: Fin Juice

Gia wants to interview Kenny before his main event, but we get Don Callis. It’s appropriate she talks to him because Callis has made it all happen. Tonight, AEW Champion and IMPACT Champion are colliding. Callis said he knows what’s going to happen but “The Invisible Hand” has written it. He likes Swann’s gameplan, but he talks about family. Callis and Omega are closer than blood. He says there’s no lower form of life than a wrestler. He had a vision 27 years ago with a 10-year-old Omega at his side. Swann will be a part of history tonight.


IMPACT Knockouts Championship

Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb With A K) vs. Deonna Purrazzo (c) (with Kimber Lee & Susan)

Good mat wrestling, Deonna goes for a pin, but Tenille kicks out. SHe quickly goes for her Fujiwa, but Tenille goes to the rope. Some pin attempts soon happen for Tenille. Gory Special by Deonna. She kicks away at a downed Dashwood. Clothesline for a two count.

Deonna continues to work the arm and does a sugar hold (paradise lock). Tenille rolls out of the straight jacket. Tenille fights, but a kick to the stomach stops Purrazzo. Tenille rebounds with a clothesline. Both women get to their feet and Dashwood lays in some clotheslines. Tarantula by Tenille. High cross body from up top gets a two count.

Tenille boots Deonna in the face but gets caught in a waist lock which Deonna maintains until hitting two German suplexes. She goes for a third, but Tenille rapid fires elbows herself free. She hits her patented belly to belly before following up with two low corner cross bodies to the corner. Two count. Curb stomp from Tenille. Muta lock to Deonna. Kimber hops up on the apron, and Kaleb pulls her off. He fireman’s carries Susan, but Kimber sends him into the ring post. Deonna levels Tenille in the ring. She climbs up top. Misses the falling headbutt. Big spotlight kick from Tenille almost gets the win, but Kimber Lee saves Deonna. Tenille soon fights off a Queen’s Gambit and then a Fujiwa armbare. She and Deonna trade shots. It’s not long before Deonna Purrazzo hits her Queen’s Gambit for the pinfall title retain.

WINNER and STILL Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna’s crew goes to further attack Dashwood, but out comes a returning Taylor Wilde to clear house.


“Title vs. Title”

Kenny Omega (c) (with Don Callis & The Good Brothers) vs. Rich Swann (c) (with Eddie Edwards & Willie Mack)

David Penzer makes the official introductions. He introduces Brian Hebner and Aubrey Edwards as your official officials. Don Callis takes over the introductions from there. He obviously puts over Kenny  and the “champion” vs. “champion” aspect. Penzer then introduces Swann. All belts get raised, the bell rings and the two champs circle one another.

Swann gets in a shooter position, but Kenny wrenches the arm and the two out maneuver one another. Kenny does so with a shoulder tackle. They lock up and Kenny slaps him. Once Rich charges, Kenny seeks refuge in the ropes. Swann kicks Kenny in the gut, but the two leapfrog one another. Swann dropkicks Kenny out of the ring and then Swann soon hits a phoenix splash onto the floor. He sends Kenny back in.  Strikes in the corner from Swann, snap mare to spine kick. Another spine kick. He goes for a rolling thunder splash, but Kenny gets his knees up.

Belly-t0-back from Kenny. He then hits a belly to back on the apron. Swann and he trade slaps and strikes. Swann hits his head after a handstand on the apron. Buckle bomb by Omega on Rich. Shoulder breaker by Kenny for a 1-2-and no.

Kenny with a neck wrench. He chokes away at Rich utilizing the ropes. Massive rib breaker into a pendulum backbreaker. Cover for a two count. Knees to Rich’s back. Forearm to the back after a rope rebound. Rich is down on his hands and knees. Rich soon nails Kenny with a standing frog splash for a very near fall. STO from Swann followed by a flying headscissors takeover. Enziguri kick to Kenny up to followed by a rana for a kick out at one.

Kenny is down on the canvas and Swann ascends. Kenny knocks him down and he then climbs up in Rich’s former position. Swann meets him there as the men battle it out with Kenny laying in strikes. Kenny goes to powerbomb Swann but both men go off after Swann bac body drops Kenny off very awkwardly. Swann hits a frog splash for a very close fall.

Omega later boots Rich hard before hitting an amazing sit-out bomb for a near fall. V-Trigger. He goes for a OWE, but Rich escapes only to get clocked with a spinning heel kick. Kenny taunts before charging with V-Trigger. Kenny puts him up top for an electric chair but Rich falls off awkwardly once more and Kenny comes off top with another rough spot.

Discus chop by Swann and the two trade kicks. V-Trigger and then a Dragon Suplex by Kenny. Another one. Kenny goes for a third but Swann hits a cutter. Swann then handsprings towards Kenny for another cutter, but Hebner gets caught with it courtesy of Kenny. In comes Aubrey and so does a chair for Kenny. Aubrey pulls it away. Callis gets on the apron. Swann hits his handspring cutter and gets close, but Kenny rolls on top. Rich kicks out. Kenny goes for a V-Trigger, but Rich counter kicks and hits a spinning Michinoku Driver for a very near fall.

Rich lands on his feet after a phoenix splash and Kenny hits a V-Trigger. He drops him into a German for a near fall. Jay Driller for another two. Kenny gets to his feet first and then he picks Rich up. HARD V-Trigger. Another one. D’Lo notes Kenny has no knee pad as Rich topples on the mat. Kenny taunts Eddie and Willie with Rich’s lifeless body. A V-Trigger to the bck of Rich’s head. Swann somehow fights back, but Kenny hits another V. Rich counters with a suplex. Rich goes for his Phoenix splash, but Kenny rolls. Another V-Trigger. One-Winged Angel. 1-2-3.

WINNER and NEW IMPACT World Champion: Kenny Omega

Kenny is shown holding all three belts and the show ends.