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Deonna Purrazzo On Taylor Wilde: If She Wants To Be Next In Line For The ‘Career Killer’, Bring Her On

It looks like Deonna Purrazzo has a new adversary, but she already welcomed the challenge even before things got ‘Wilde’ at Rebellion on Sunday.

Purrazzo spoke with WrestleZone ahead of IMPACT Wrestling’s Rebellion pay-per-view and talked about how she’s finding more depth as a wrestler and proving The Virtuosa can beat opponents from “any generation, any era.” She said having Jazz’s final IMPACT match meant “everything” to her on a personal level, and working with Jazz and ODB has helped her tap into a new side of her character.

Asked if she could see herself continuing that streak of working with Knockouts legends when Taylor Wilde makes her return, Purrazzo said “absolutely.” Purrazzo first praised what Wilde brings to IMPACT with her return, then offered a not-so-subtle warning to her as a potential opponent.

“Yeah, absolutely. Just as an advocate for women’s wrestling, I want there to be as many women on our Knockouts roster as there is men on the men’s roster. I want us to flourish and to grow and to constantly be having new women to throw into the mix,” Purrazzo said, “and someone like Taylor Wilde who has a lineage in IMPACT already, adds so much to our division already just by her presence alone, never mind what she brings to the table in the ring.”

“So, I’m so excited personally, but the Virtuosa wants to be the best. I retired Jazz and we haven’t seen ODB much since I defeated her,” she explained, “so if Taylor Wilde wants to be next in line for the ‘Career Killer’, I say bring her on.”

IMPACT Wrestling’s Rebellion pay-per-view saw Deonna Purrazzo continue her impressive reign as Knockouts Champion, defeating Tenille Dashwood after she hit the Queen’s Gambit for the win. After the match, Taylor Wilde ended up saving Dashwood from a beatdown at the hands of Purrazzo and her associates, setting the stage for The Virtuosa’s next feud.

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