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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Young Bucks Cheat To Beat The Sydals, Get Confronted By SCU

Matt & Mike Sydal stepped into the ring on Wednesday night, hoping to score a huge statement win against The Young Bucks on AEW Dynamite. Instead, they got a front-row seat to just how low the Bucks would go to ensure their victory.

Early in the match, Mike took advantage of some blatant cockiness from Matt Jackson and landed a quick moonsault to set the tone for the challengers. The Sydals kept their assault up, but they eventually began to falter against the experience and sheer strength of the AEW World Tag Team Champions.

As the end of the match drew closer, the Sydals began to regain some of their lost momentum, with Mike even hooking the leg of Nick Jackson late to set up a hurricanrana. But Matt came to the rescue by using some underhanded tactics. He hit Mike with a vicious low blow, leading to a BTE Trigger that dropped the Sydals and gave The Young Bucks the win.

Despite their triumph, the champions already have a new threat on their hands. SCU made their way to ringside, and Frankie Kazarian brushed off Matt Jackson by telling him to keep his opinions to himself. He and Christopher Daniels berated the Bucks’ attitude and wardrobe choices. The duo also stated that they are ready to use their #1 ranking for a shot at the AEW Tag Team Championships, and they told the Bucks to man up and accept the challenge.

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