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Thunder Rosa To Dave LaGreca: They Wanna See Me Beat Your Ass, That’s ‘The Draw’

Thunder Rosa knows what ‘the draw’ really is.

Thunder Rosa recently spoke with WrestleZone ahead of her Mission Pro: Locked & Loaded wrestling event on Saturday, May 1. While the card is filled with unique matches and up-and-coming names, Thunder Rosa will have her hands full with one notable name from the pro wrestling media world in Busted Open Radio’s Dave LaGreca.

Thunder Rosa vs. Dave LaGreca is set for the event and while they’ve done plenty of trash-talking, the former NWA Women’s Champion made it clear that she aims to raise money for his impending funeral.

“We’ve been feuding for a couple weeks. He just keeps talking shit,” she said of LaGreca, who has been calling himself ‘The Draw’ as of late. “They wanna see me beat your ass. That’s ‘The Draw.'”

Locked & Loaded isn’t just banking on the star power in the aforementioned match, as they have an abundance of women’s talent on the show, one of which is the up-and-coming Skye Blue.

“She hasn’t been working for that long and I told my husband, ‘She’s gonna get signed. Really soon.’ She’s attractive, she’s young, she’s coachable, she seems coachable, I think she’s money,” Rosa said. “She’s been in NWA and AEW. She did really really well. I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets a try-out pretty soon. Like I said, she’s very young, very talented and she has like a really cool spirit so I would like to see her succeed.”

Rosa and her team also make certain to have each card stand out by creating unique bouts considering three key points:

“We try to find match-ups that one, never happened before. Two, every match, no matter if it’s a five, six-minute match, it will be a banger,” she explained, “and three, the girls are ready to bring another style of wrestling that not necessarily they do all the time.”

This provides an educational experience for the competitors and ultimately seeing all the women involved succeed is the driving goal for Mission Pro.

“Our shows are pretty entertaining from top to bottom and we try to give them the best feedback possible so if there was anything that was lacking somewhere or something didn’t work out we make sure our agents sit down with them and give them feedback for the next show. If they’re doing the same performance they can enhance it and make it better because at the end of the day what we want for them is to get an opportunity at a TV show or something bigger, not always to be wrestling in the indies. As much as we would love to have them there all the time,” she explained, “we want to create talent and we want to push them to another level and really with Mission Pro Wrestling is not your typical promotion, women promotion.”

“Like I said, we ask a little bit more because it’s run by women and we want the women that are there to be successful,” Rosa said. “Everything we have promised so far we have done it and we try to push our ladies to do their best and to excel in professional wrestling.”

Mission Pro Wrestling: Locked & Loaded starts at 8:30 PM EST/7:30 CST can be streamed live on the Title Match Network and if you want to attend live tickets can be purchased at

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