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Cinta de Oro (Sin Cara) Found Opportunity At WrestleMania 32: ‘I Can Do That And More’

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Cinta de Oro (aka Sin Cara), who picked the ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 32 as the favorite in his WWE run. The match saw Zack Ryder (Matt Cardona) get his WrestleMania moment by defeating Sin Cara and five other opponents, but the luchador said that it also served as an opportunity to show the fans more of what he was capable of.

“I think WrestleMania 32, the ladder match. When I got to get in there with Dolph, Miz, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Stardust [Cody Rhodes,] it was my work where I could do anything. I just knew it was an opportunity. Like, if you saw that match,” Cinta de Oro said, “you saw that I did a lot of things that people never thought I could do. They were like ‘what?!, he can do that?’ and I was like ‘yeah, I can do that and more!’ but unfortunately I never really got the opportunity to showcase what I could really do [long-term], you know?”

“Sometimes I’d be putting a match together and I’d say ‘I’m gonna do this’ and they’d say no, because somebody else was gonna do it. I didn’t care, like that’s not my problem, nobody can do it better than me. Like, why do you have to limit my work just because of somebody else? Just let me wrestle and do what I love,” he explained, “and I think that was the hardest part for me in that sense.”

“But if I really wanna go back and say something that people can really look at of my body of work [in WWE], that right there. I can do a lot of things and I honestly think that I have a lot of years to go and I can still perform at the highest level. I just want the opportunity to showcase my talent. That’s why I left and that’s why I’m here now,” Cinta de Oro said, “waiting for that opportunity, waiting for the pandemic to end and to be able to perform for the people.”

The WrestleMania 32 ladder match can be seen on Peacock at this link, and you can watch some more free-to-watch full-length matches from Sin Cara’s WWE career below:

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