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Mick Foley Urges Vince McMahon, WWE To Start A Women’s Show Before AEW Beats Them To The Punch

Mick Foley tries to push WWE in the right direction by appealing to Vince McMahon’s ego.

Foley posted the following on Twitter, urging Vince McMahon to start an all-women’s brand in WWE before AEW does it first.

Dear Vince,

An all women’s brand NEEDS to happen in @WWE. Unless you want @AEW to beat you to the punch.

Sincerely, Mick


Foley’s comments are likely in reference to Mickie James’ recent revelation that she pitched an all-women’s show to WWE, but it was ultimately turned down. James took to this week’s episode of GAW TV to talk about her WWE release, and at one point shared that she wanted to do an all-female brand in WWE, but one person in the company told her it would never happen because women’s wrestling didn’t make money.

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