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Ron Funches Credits AEW’s Justin Roberts For Helping Him Prep For Role In ‘Golden Arm’

Ron Funches recently spoke with about his role as an announcer in the new film Golden Arm, out on demand now. Funches spoke about doing a lot of prep for the role, and how he enlisted AEW ring announcer Justin Roberts for help after he’d blown his voice out after the first day of filming.

“Yeah, I did. Actually, I reached out to my friend, Justin Roberts, who works at All Elite Wrestling, because the very first day, I blew out my voice completely. Like I couldn’t speak at all. After the first day, I did a lot of screaming and the line to do. I was like, ‘Man, I don’t know how you do your job. I did this for one day and blew my entire voice out.’ He just gave me some tips on how to control it a little better and some tips on what to buy to rest my throat. So it was very helpful. It got me back to back in the game. So I appreciate it.”

Funches has done commentary for wrestling events in the past, but ring announcing was a different animal. When asked if it’s something he’d want to pursue in the future, whether it’s wrestling or something outlandish like the Triller SlapStrike events, Funches said he’d love to do it in the pro wrestling realm one day.

“Well, I mean, I saw Pete Davidson and Ric Flair and a lot of people there. So I’m assuming the slap fight checks are pretty good. If the check is good, I will think about it for the slap fighting, but for the pro wrestling, yes, right away. All day, any day, if they want me to announce I’m in. Want me to take a chokeslam from someone? I’m open. I love it. I’d love to do something in the ring on television. I’ve been fortunate enough. I did a scene in the show, A.P. Bio on Peacock, where I got to be a wrestler. I got to be announced by Lilian Garcia, who was the WWE announcer for a long time. So I was like, “Oh, maybe this is the closest I’ll ever get it.” But hopefully, one day, I can do it in the ring on an actual WWE or AEW [show] or whoever. That’d be great.”

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