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Unauthorized ‘Team Mongo’ Products Being Sold Without Funds Benefiting Steve McMichael’s ALS Care

If you’re looking to help contribute to Team Mongo and Steve McMichael‘s ALS care , please be sure to go through the appropriate channels as some people have taken advantage the football legend turned pro wrestler’s recent diagnosis.

McMichael’s team had to make the unfortunate announcement that there are parties creating unauthorized knock-offs of “Team Mongo” tees and other merchandise in order to make a profit and harming the effort of raising money for McMichael as he continues his battle with ALS. You can read the full press release below:

CHICAGO (April 26, 2021) It has been discovered by Team Mongo that unauthorized t-shirts  and other products are being sold on the internet without any of the funds being donated to Steve McMichael’s ALS care.  

Steve would like his fans to know how grateful he is for their support with sales of the “TEAM MONGO” Obvious Shirts and rubber bracelets and the donations to the GoFundMe. However,  he is very upset that there are people out there that are profiting from his devastating ALS  diagnosis.  

“Please let everyone know Misty, Macy and I are very humbled by the love, support and  generosity being shown to us. It’s overwhelming. However, I am disheartened to learn of the  vultures circling trying to make money off my illness. I ask that they do the right thing and  remove these products immediately. I don’t want my real fans to think they are donating to my  struggle when they aren’t. Is there anything worse than people making money off someone’s  illness?” said McMichael. 

If you would like to purchase and help the cause for Team Mongo, the only official areas in which to do so are as follows:

TEAM MONGO official shirts:
TEAM MONGO official bracelets: