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Kevin Owens To Roman Reigns: ‘Don’t Forget About Me’

Kevin Owens wasn’t just talking smack on “Talking Smack,” as he had a foreboding message to deliver to Roman Reigns via Paul Heyman.

KO joined Kayla Braxton and Heyman at the post-SmackDown desk to reflect on a legit fond memory with he and Roman on the road together in South Dakota (he also mentions Big Cass and Sami Zayn being with them), but then brought up a story as to when he was ostracized after his WWE RAW debut when he destroyed John Cena back in 2015. Owens went into a Waffle House and who was sitting at a table but The Usos, Naomi and Tamina. Kevin gave them a courtesy nod before sitting by his lonesome and he states how he never forgot what happened after he finished his eggs and toast.


“I go to pay. And the lady tells me, ‘Oh, they already paid for it.’ Yeah, I remember that, like it was yesterday, wonderful gesture, and that’s where people change, right cause now…Jey Uso,” Owens said, trying to find the right words to describe the aquaitance turned rival and gets an assist from Braxton with “manipulated.”

“I don’t know if Jey was manipulated into becoming the asshole he is now, Jimmy Uso doesn’t seem to be interested in being manipulated in that manner, I certainly hope Naomi and Tamina don’t get manipulated in the same way, but I don’t know. I don’t know. ‘The Head of The Table’, his reach, is obviously something to reckon with, but the point I’m trying to make is people change, I’ve changed because you mention, I’m by myself all the time still, I don’t have a lot of friends because of the mistakes I’ve made in the past, but I accept that, but something else that changed in me is that when I was Universal Champion the first time, I did not enjoy it…at all cause I was so obsessed with being the best possible champion I could be. I was so obsessed with trying to make things better,” Kevin said, reiterating what was said in a previous interview from TalkSport.

“I didn’t enjoy any of it, but this is where I changed because when I become Universal Champion again, I’m gonna love every second of it. So just know this, I’m telling you right now, if Roman Reigns doesn’t lose the title to Cesaro and if he doesn’t lose it to someone else before I get to him again, I’m gonna take the title. Don’t forget about me. Don’t make the mistake to think I’m gone because I am not going anywhere.”

Check out the Talking Smack clip below:

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