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D’Lo Brown Aims To Bring A ‘Combative Approach’ To IMPACT Commentary, Embraced The Challenge Of Replacing Josh Mathews 

D’Lo Brown took on a major role with IMPACT Wrestling but he’s more than up for the challenge.

Brown recently spoke with Wrestling Epicenter and talked about his commentary style and how it contrasts from that of former lead announcer Josh Mathews, who was promoted earlier this year. Mathews is seen on IMPACT’s BTI show now, but he took on a larger behind-the-scenes role as a senior producer and left the commentary booth behind. Mathews had been the “voice of IMPACT Wrestling” for the past six years and worked on commentary for more than a decade, so Brown is aware that his new role is a challenge but it’s one that he’s ready for.

“It is new. It is a challenge. But, it is one that I’ve embraced. Every week, I get to sit next to a guy that I consider a friend in Matt Striker. We’re two guys who are wrestling fans who get to talk about what we love,” Brown said. “What could be better than that?”

Brown also talked about having a commentary style that’s different than what Mathews brought to the table, explaining that he’s hoping to add more of a combat sports approach and make their team a unique one in the wrestling space.

“We’re trying to do bring kind of a more sports, kind of combative approach to it as opposed to just calling the action which you can see right in front of you. We’re trying to bring a different flavor to it,” Brown said. “We’re trying to be a desk like there is nowhere else in wrestling. I think we’re kind of finding our niche with that and are a unique announce desk.”

Brown agreed that being a former wrestler also helped things, explaining that he can add new insight to matches.

“Absolutely! When you know the talent and you can go talk to them and they’re very open about what they’re thinking or what their strategy is, it gives you a little insight. It is easy to get that information and then I can go and convey that on television. It is amazing the access that I have and that I get to do this. My time on the other side has really opened the doors up for talent to trust me and to communicate with me.”

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