WWE Friday Night Smackdown Results

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (5/14/21)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results

May 14, 2021

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: Jey Uso

Jey says last week his brother Jimmy disrespected the Head of the Table. This week, they have to handle some family business. Jey introduces Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Reigns and Paul Heyman join Jey in the ring. Reigns says he is going to address Cesaro first. Reigns says he actually likes Cesaro. He’s a top-tier talent. You could even say he’s one of the best wrestlers in the world. Reigns is so much more than a wrestler. WWE, SmackDown, and FOX do not want someone like Cesaro as a world champion and the face of SmackDown. Cesaro has had zero titles match. Heyman informs Regins that Reigns has had 39. Reigns says it’s time to move on to Jimmy. Jimmy interrupts Reigns before Reigns can speak. Jimmy is wearing a shirt that says “Nobody’s Bitch”. Jimmy says all he hears is Reigns babbling in the ring while his brother is standing there like Reigns’ bitch. Jimmy asks Jey if he likes his shirt. Jimmy adds that he has one in the back for Jey if he’s ready to get back on the right team.

Jimmy says he’s not even sure if Reigns is going to make it past Cesaro Sunday. Reigns asks Jimmy if he really doesn’t think he can beat Cesaro. Jimmy says no. Reigns wants to know if Jimmy thinks he could take his place. Jimmy says no, but he could if he had his brother by his side, they could do it together. If the Usos win the tag titles and Reigns loses the Universal title, doesn’t that make them the head of the table? Reigns goes nuts, yelling about how Jimmy is who he is and Reigns is who he is. Jimmy could never do what Reigns does. Reigns laughs and tells Jimmy to do it. Reigns says he will give it all to Jimmy if he can beat Cesaro tonight. Jimmy laughs. Jimmy turns to the stage and challenges Cesaro to a match tonight. Cesaro walks out on the stage and accepts the challenge. Cesaro says he’s going to beat Jimmy tonight and Reigns on Sunday for the title.

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