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Jimmy Uso Continues To Defy Roman Reigns, Cesaro Stands Tall Again

Jimmy Uso shocked the WWE Universe last week when he openly defied Roman Reigns, and he continued his stance this week. Plus, Cesaro once again won the night in his battle with the family that reigns over WWE Friday Night SmackDown. 

At the start of Friday’s show, Jimmy once again came out to interrupt his brother and cousin. Donning a “Nobody’s Bitch” shirt, Uso explained that he’s all about family, but he doesn’t think Reigns can beat Cesaro at WWE WrestleMania Backlash. He emphasized his belief that everything isn’t about Reigns. After “The Tribal Chief” demanded that Jimmy challenge Cesaro to a match, he did, and “The Swiss Cyborg” quickly came out to accept.

During the match itself, things seemed to be going Uso’s way for a bit before Cesaro quickly caught on fire.

Toward the end of the match, Cesaro hit Uso with a deadlift superplex before Reigns and Jey Uso came down to the match, interfering and causing the bout to end abruptly. An incredibly angry Jimmy yelled at Reigns, saying that he could have beaten Cesaro. But “The Head of the Table” followed himup the ramp, arguing that no one cared about these exhibition matches anyway. 

As the two stars argued on the ramp, Cesaro got back into the ring and promptly attacked Jey. Reigns responded by attacking Cesaro with a Superman Punch, but the challenger  fight them off Reigns and Jey off. As Reigns scrambled to leave the ring, he could only watch as Cesaro hit two Neutralizers on Jey Uso. “The Swiss Cyborg” then screamed that this would be Reigns’ fate on Sunday at WrestleMania Backlash. 

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