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Santana & Ortiz Call Their Parking Lot Brawl ‘The Perfect Picture’, Pride Themselves In Working Any Style

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Santana & Ortiz, who were asked which matches that best represent them as a tag team regardless of stipulation. Santana & Ortiz, who recently competed in the Blood & Guts match on AEW Dynamite and prepare for the Stadium Stampede next weekend at Double Or Nothing, chose their parking lot brawl with Best Friends on AEW Dynamite as a match that had a bit of everything.

Santana: “As far as the level of violence, I would say check out our No Ropes Barbed Wire Match that we had in IMPACT. That was definitely a crazy one. Definitely check out the Parking Lot Brawl that we had with ‘Best Friends’, that’s another one, when you’re talking violence and brutality, that describes it right there. But as far as a regular match, regardless of the stipulation that best represents us…man, there’s a lot.”

Ortiz: “I would have to go with the Parking Lot Brawl with ‘Best Friends’. I think that was just the perfect picture of us, more than anything. But if I had to pick one match, I’d pick that Parking Lot Brawl match.”

Santana: “If you look back at our career, we’ve shown that we can hang with any style, ya know what I mean? Thankfully we’ve been in the ring with some of the greatest tag-teams in wrestling, we’ve been all over the world and we’ve proven that we can hang with any style. We can go to the UK and work their style, we can go to Mexico and work the Lucha style. That’s one thing that we’ve prided ourselves on. When we were coming up we told ourselves that we were on a quest, we told ourselves in order to do that, you have to be able to go anywhere in the world and work that style. So, as far as another match, man, there’s just so many, so many good ones but like Ortiz was saying our Parking Lot Brawl that we had back in September.”

Check out some full-length matches from Santana & Ortiz’s career; highlights from the Parking Lot Brawl from the September 16, 2020 episode of Dynamite can be seen below:

EYFBO (Santana & Ortiz) vs. The Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy)

Beyond Wrestling — May 20, 2017

LAX vs oVe (Barbed Wire Massacre III)

IMPACT Wrestling — Jan 18, 2018

LAX vs The OGz (5150 Street Fight) 

IMPACT Slammiversary — July 22, 2018

Santana & Ortiz vs Metro Brothers

AEW Dark — August 25, 2020

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