Franky Monet
Image Credit: WWE

Franky Monet: ‘I Feel Like I Have The Golden Ticket,’ WWE Is The ‘Be-All, End-All’

Franky Monet has officially arrived in NXT.

The artist formerly known as Taya Valkyrie picked up a decisive win in her in-ring debut on the black-and-gold brand this past week.

In an interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, Monet reflected on the beginning of this chapter of her career. The former IMPACT Knockouts Champion called working for WWE the “be-all, end-all”and described it as the place she truly wants to be.

“This has been over 11 years of working hard, working my butt off and going through several different companies and countries,” said Monet. “I just always knew this was the be-all, end-all.

“As much as people can say whatever they want, the WWE is the WWE. It’s the number one sports entertainment company in the entire world and it’s where you want to be. It’s where the lights are the brightest and you’ll be seen by so many more people and faces.”

Monet emphasized that she has been working toward her ultimate destination, WWE, and compared her finally earning a spot with the company to Charlie getting the golden ticket in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

“I love professional wrestling so much that I just couldn’t let this fire that was lit in me so many years ago die without trying to get to the be-all, end-all in WWE,” said Monet. “Conversations started and I’m so happy to be there.

“I always compare it to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; I feel like I have the golden ticket.”

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Though it’s easy to see how Monet could have immediately fit in on WWE RAW or SmackDown, the NXT newcomer explained why the black-and-gold brand is the right fit for her. Monet noted both its growth into a place that is filled with excellent talent and its prominence on the USA Network.

“It was always going to be NXT,” said Monet. “A lot of people try and put it in a box or compare it to what it was as a developmental brand as it was years ago. NXT is on the USA Network, OK! NXT is on the same network as RAW!

“These are the best athletes in the world. It’s got the top wrestlers from other companies, from the indies, from other countries all in one place – that’s what NXT is. I’m so proud to be there.”

Now that her NXT run is officially underway, the future looks quite bright for Monet; it seems like the sky’s the limit for her potential success on the black-and-gold brand and beyond.