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Ring Of Honor Results (5/31/21): The Foundation vs. Violence Unlimited

Ring Of Honor Results 

Aired May 31, 2021

Report by Colin Tessier for Wrestlezone.com

The show begins with a recap for the end of last week’s main event, where The Foundation retained the ROH World Tag Team Championship. In a post-match interview, Tracy Williams gives Matt Taven credit for fighting while he was hurt. He says he knows they’ll met OGK again down the road. Williams then announces that from here on out, every match they defend the titles will be contested under Pure Rules.

Quinn McKay welcomes viewers and previews the matches on the card.

Joe Keys vs. LSG

(Winner will enter either the TV or Pure Division)

In a pre-match promo, Keys says he has climbed his way back up after his loss to Jonathan Gresham knocked him down. He explains that he’s tired of being known as a “Dojo guy”, and he’ll break that perception by winning this match and entering the rankings. Meanwhile, LSG says he and Keys aren’t just the future; they’re the present. He states that he respects Keys, but he’ll get launched into the rankings where he belongs with a win.

The two men exchange technical holds to start the match. Keys and LSG exchange counter after counter, and the bout is a stalemate early on. They exchange chops, and LSG rocks Keys with a dropkick. Keys catches LSG in midair and floors him with a back-breaker. Keys grounds “The Ace of Space” and drops him with a German suplex.

LSG rallies with a springboard forearm. A swinging neckbreaker earns LSG a two count. Keys fires back with a slam that leaves both men down. LSG hits Rocket-by-Baby and traps Keys in the Muta Lock until his opponent reaches the ropes. Keys hits a deadlift suplex. LSG rolls Keys around and pins him in the crucifix position for the win.

Winner: LSG

After the match, in a backstage interview, LSG states that he is entering the Pure Division because he believes in what The Foundation stands for.

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